Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Andrew Bogut Drops By "The OT"

Andrew Bogut hangs with "The OT" boys.

Episode 10 of "The OT" is ready for listening. This week's guest is Australian dual Olympian and Milwaukee Bucks center, Andrew Bogut. As well we discuss all things basketball. It has been a huge week for the sport.


Kelthoctor said...

I think you're either in cahoots (is that a word) with someone who has asaspace contacts... or JR and/or DJ Rod are using those nerdlinger skills (see below) to hack our thoughts...

Nerdlinger (From way above)

First we have Top 5 Ranga's up for a day... then took it down to confirm if it was Matt Rees or Reece... then whatdya know the All Ranga team appears on The OT.

Then we get Milford to tee up an interview with Homicide, back when his shoes were about to hit stores (must've sold out before they got down here*) - A week later, guess who's on The OT!!!

The pressure was on to come up with a whole bunch of questions Street Ball 50 cent hadn't already answered... It was seemingly too much, as you recollected in this OT... someone buckled and didnt RECORD the interview.. From all accounts it was awesome though.

DJRod - nice example with Powerade and Coca-Cola too :P

* - Actually a couple of Hawks are rockin 187's now, thankfully Sav, Campbell are back with Nike to balance it, then theres three way battle for Kicks of the game - that erases past AND1 nightmares - between Dusty & Lindays hyperdunks and huarches and Kavossy (who by the way, will take a MASSIVE effort by someone at Blaze to top him this coming friday... WOAH FIRE)

DJ Rod said...

aaaah - you're all talk - we produce the goods ;)

Kelthoctor said...

Nah, i'm all type... then you talk it.

Asa said...

Oi, I recorded it. I recorded it hard. My recorder didn't SAVE it properly. Phone interviews aren't my style...I PRODUCE THE NUGS IN PERSON EVERYTIME ALL THE TIME and 60% of the time my recorder works everytime.

It's all good, Crocs were Rotman of the week it all evens out. But then again the Champoid of the week was a 20 year old abandoned firebombed car. Tough week all round.

Kelthoctor is right...questions were sent weeks ago..

BTW Bogut Nugs were nugs....good stuff all world nerdlingers!

OT bout getting Gonzaga Rotman John Stockton on the OT AND FINALLY EXPLAIN TO HIM WHAT A PUSH-OFF IS!!! We're still waiting JR!!!

DJROD said...

Trust me - JR wants some Gonzaga love... Adam Morrison used to be his ball boy.

He just invites people on so that they can talk about how good he was back in the day :)