Monday, November 17, 2008

All Turn It Around Team

Boti Nagy wants less of this and more production on the hardwood. I agree, read more below on this.

We are currently a third of the way through the season and some of us are very guilty of getting off to a slow start. So, instead of giving you my team of the week, I'm changing up and naming five guys to watch out for the rest of the way.

John Rillie - I'm not going to shy away from this. I need to lift my game if the Townsville Crocodiles are going to make some noise this season. I have been nothing short of disappointing to date so I can only hope the remaining nineteen games are much improved.

Without putting my numbers under a microscope (I really do not want to know the truth) I will guess all major categories are all close to career lows. That is just plain unacceptable.

I look forward to kick starting my season this week and not looking back from there.

Darnell Mee - If the Cairns Taipans are going to make a run at the Final Four this year, Darnell Mee will play a key role in the Snakes achieving this.

Having been a former teammate of Mee's, numbers do not tell the whole story when talking about Mee's influence on a game. He makes plays when it counts. Just the other week he scored 2 points in a game against the Adelaide 36ers, but those points were the game winning points.

Currently averaging 8ppg and 3.5apg, look for these numbers to improve the rest of the way. Darnell is the master of coming on strong as the season progresses.

David Gruber - Import Gruber is in his rookie season in the NBL after making the jump from the SEABL league. He is putting up some solid numbers for the minutes he is getting (8ppg, 6rpg in 21mins) but if he is to carve out a career in the NBL he needs to get in the Spirit rotation for a little more playing time.

Gruber is trying to get Aussie citizenship so that will help his NBL cause out.

Tremmel Darden - Despite Darden playing a great role on the first place Dragons, he needs to increase his output. We all know his coach Brian Goorjian has both eyes firmly on the big prize at season's end.

If the Dragons lose a few in the near future (they play the Breakers in NZ next), look for Goorjian to get itchy fingers and pull the trigger.

Cameron Tragardh - Last year's Most Improved Player numbers have slipped but in his defense the Hawks are a much improved team.

Tragargamel averaged 17.5ppg last year but has dipped to 12 so far this year. I don't have a problem with this because the addition of Glen Saville and Dusty Rychart will eat into his offensive opportunities.

But his rebounding has dropped by four a game. Sure, both the guys mentioned above will effect this stat as well, but the big man is pulling down an anorexic 3.5rpg. Crocs back up point guard Kelvin Robertson is averaging 3!

There you have it. Look for these guys to pick up their performance the rest of the way otherwise it will be deemed a poor year for all mentioned.

Let me know what you think of my list as I'm sure I have missed someone.


- "By the way, the Townsville Missing Persons Bureau is looking for John Rillie if anyone knows his whereabouts this season. Love the website JR and your love for the game is a joy to behold. But you have the rest of your life for that.
Basketball careers at elite level don't last forever." These are the words of South Aussie journo Boti Nagy from his weekly wrap column.

I hear you Boti and it took you way too long to comment on my form. I can assure you my practice habits/time on court has not slipped. I just happen to spend my time off the court a little differently.

Next time you mention my blog can you just add in the blog address please ( When people see the way I write it will only make your creativity seem that much better.

- Gold Coast Blaze get some time to rest and reflect.

- Cairns need to stop the bleeding, but they have the Tigers next.

- Jeromie Hill a product of Cairns is off to the AIS to hone his skills.

- Nathan Jawai still none the wiser on his health, but he is getting to travel with the Toronto Raptors.

- Sheep Shaggers and Dragons get ready for top of the table clash.

- Darwin looking at joining the SEABL in 2010.

- Brad Newley goes perfect for the game and has a huge win over Panathinaikos.


mookie said...

Kavossy Franklin -- whilst he's picked it up a bit more of late, he's still down this season overall and has had four games of single digit scoring. He didn't have one single-digit game last season (apart from the All-Star game!). Of course his production is inhibited a bit by Sav and Rusty PieCart as well I guess.

John Rillie said...

Because he has picked it up of late, he got a pass in my eyes.

Ashley said...

Luke Kendall for me. I think that he needs to pick it up if the Wildcats are going to get the job done. He has been lacking a little bit