Friday, November 28, 2008

What's Making Headlines

Aussie Luke Nevill is in his final year at Utah. Could he follow in Andrew Bogut's footsteps to the NBA. His coach believes so. Read more below.
- "I think if he continues to grow physically and emotionally, he should be a 10-year pro (NBA)," Utah coach Jim Boylen said about Aussie centre Luke Nevill. For the rest of the article, read it here at the

- Here is an update on young Aussie big man Angus Brandt. A Springwood, NSW junior who is attending Prep school in Illinois and will go D1 for sure.

- The other remaining 9 NBL clubs have come together to throw the Sydney Spirit franchise a lifeline. Hopefully the package will see them through the remainder of the season.

- Jason Smith and his family are becoming all too familiar with the current Spirit situation.

- South Dragons have been told to make the trip to Sydney.

- The Wollongong Hawks may struggle to find a lazy $1.5mil lying around so they can play next season.

- The Australian Boomers job is Goorjian's if he still wants it.

- Milwaukee Buck Andrew Bogut ready to go but injury says no.

- Brian Goorjian likes Taipans Kerry Williams. Is he starting to recruit this kid for next season already?

- Injured Crocs point guard Kelvin Robertson ready to tackle Taipans.

- Pat Mills and his St Mary's teammates taste their first defeat of college season.

Crocs/Tigers Press Conference


krammis76 said...

Well i did like the tigers until this press conference. Bunch of sooks they are. The better team won on the night. The team that wanted the win more got the win.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Westovers comments JR? A few bad calls, a few trick shots so it wasnt like we got beat? - is he serious?

Anonymous said...

funny thing is that i remember one trick shot and a lot of out hustling the Tigers the rest of the game. sore losers, i reckon. makes it hard to respect them.

Dodge Taylor said...


Send the "one-handed running triple in a game situation with the shot clock running out" HORSE shot to Aaron Bruce and get him to beat that!


DJ Rod said...

JR does his trick shots in game time! hehehe

I am highly critical of the Tigers and their attitude after the game - I will be talking about this more on this up coming episode of the OT.

Ashley said...

Lay the law down DJ Rod

Anonymous said...

No chance BA have the cash to have made an offer to Pepu Hernandez?

November 26, 2008

Pepu Hernandez was asked by the greek site about the rumors that circulated regarding his negotiations with a National Team.

He seemed to be expecting the question and he said that he is actually in negotiations with the basketball federation of a specific country but that country is not Greece. He said that he never had discussions with the Greek Federation at any point in time.