Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Response To Fox Deal Blog

After the news that Fox Sports is wanting to inject $35 million into the sport of basketball the masses have spoken and this is what they are saying.

- Mookie said, "If I was with one of those associations I'd want to be seeing some pretty detailed plans in place on how the new umbrella organisation intended to spend the $35m to keep basketball up and running AND GROWING. This is almost a "one shot" opportunity to get this right. So let's hope that there is no rush, plenty of debate and some smart business and basketball heads involved to get the right conclusion and the result that we have been waiting on as loyal Australian basketball fans for some time."

I have to agree with a lot of what Mookie has to say. I believe it is a "one shot" opportunity for the sport to get it right. The sport needs a shot in the arm and Fox seems to trying to provide what we need for our sport to recapture the imagination of this nation, but everyone involved needs to benefit.

To read more on what Mookie has to say, click here.

- Glockers had to say this. "But we need this to work and we need this voted in. I understand the apprehension, but what options are there? Just let the sport flounder more till it slowly dies and our kids are taken by others?"

To read more of Glockers opinions go to his blogspot for the real deal.

- Kelthoctor is all over it with these words. "Everyone is talking about the $35mil and how it will help the NBL.How much of this is actual CASH.What do associations get out of it?What do teams get?How much revenue will each team lose with only 10 or 11 home games.Will less games = lower player salaries? If so will players stick around or bolt to Europe or get a real job.2-3 games a week on FTA would be better than 6 on Fox. Sure all games on FOX would be great for bball diehards that have it... but those people are already basketball fans, this does nothing to attract new fans.NBL needs new & more fans, having a FTA presence is a huge part of that. Only something like 30% of Australia has FOX."

He brings up a lot of points that I think many fans would question and want to know the answers to before they had to vote.

FTA would have to be a preference as the accessible audience is so much greater than Fox. We need FTA for the sport to come to prominence again.

- Mike has a in depth look at how this could pan out. "Going down the Fox path would be the worst thing for basketball. This is a football piece I wrote about their deal. There are lessons to be learned here. Being parked away on Fox is not conducive to consistent, nation-wide growth.I support a lot of the elements of football's reform being replicated by hoops. But we need to look at why certain measures were adopted and whether they can be considered a success.One-city, one-team was aimed at removing ethnic ties (something which does not exist in basketball). The FFA have also announced a second Melbourne team will be introduced (meaning for the long-term rivalry is important).So why on earth did this come up in all the reform talk?As for the Fox deal, well, the jury is still out on whether that benefits the game.Although the other night, Adelaide United played in an Asian Champions League final with very little coverage in the mainstream media.What more does a club have to do to get attention than prove itself on the WORLD stage?This frustration will only be echoed by basketball fans should we sign ourselves away to Fox."

If you like the cut of Mike's jib, you can find a great read here.

- Snoop Wogg had this to say, "I think this cash is a firm commitment and a lifesaver. Unless the new Ch10 HD sports channel signs up, this is surely the next best thing. My only concern would be Basketball Australia f**king up the money by not promoting the sport properly. Lets face it, why would anyone want to sponsor one of our teams at the moment? At least this Fox deal gives sponsors the chance to see their logos on a TV screen."

Snoop, I hear what you are saying about sponsors seeing their logos on the tube, but what if Fox is asking for exclusive TV rights? (Which I would do if I'm them.) This will take away any possibility of FTA and even more exposure for basketball. The sport needs to exhaust all options before inking any type of deal with anyone.

Thanks for all the comments and it's great to see how passionate the fans are about the sport.

Hopefully we all will have a clearer picture of what the future holds for the sport of basketball.


DJ Rod said...

What FOX needs to do is figure out how they are going to package the game and create a new format.

The coverage we get now is old and boring.

Maybe a 30min or 60 min weekly magazine type show with highlites, interviews, behind the scenes stuff etc.

Add to that an Allstar weekend and other special promos like an outdoors game maybe

Then they can promote the league on FOX and other paytv channels and go back to marketing the league and the players in it.

Anonymous said...

well the crocs can look 2 next years new nbl,another crap year when will be get a half good team?

DJ Rod said...

it's still early

Kelthoctor said...

Hopefully this 5yr deal with FOX isnt exclusive.

Or if it is, hopefully they embrace the web and do it properly.

The current nbl site is still in 1998 in terms of far behind the times it is.

According to the technonerds i work with, internet speeds are going to increase (currently Australia has one of the SLOWEST internet speeds in the developed world).

This increase along with the continual growth of web technologies should see the newNBL embrace the web - and not fall behind for 5 years trying to get something simple like live scores working.

The NBA site should be what we strive for (even the 2004 NBA site would be a nice start) - The new is great, it's easy to navigate provides a massive amount of content. Nice sized video highlights, detailed stats (defaults to averages rather than totals like - what is with that!!!)

I could go on and on and on and on.