Friday, November 21, 2008

Bandwidth is Coming

The issue has been resolved. Please enjoy listening "The OT".

I have to say sorry to all our avid listeners of "The OT". More bandwidth is coming. Funny thing is I have paid for it but I'm waiting to receive the goods.

DJ Rod and I have to thanks our many listeners for tuning in, otherwise this problem would never have occurred.

Who would have thought we would have become this popular?

The problem should be resolved very shortly.

In the meantime, "The OT" has inspired others into the world of podcasting.

While I hunt for my bandwidth, take a listen to these jokers and their "The TO" podcast, then come back and listen to the pros.

In other news Corey Williams dropped by my house this week for his Ch7 segment. My blog and "The OT" get a good run, so here it is below.


Ashley said...

Hey JR

Thanks for the podcast plug. I can't belileve that the Spirit beat Adelaide last night with no Liam Rush.

DJ Rod said...

looks like is having the same trouble with bandwidth...