Friday, November 14, 2008

Joyces Revenge & 1st Import Goooone

Daniel Joyce hit the game winner in the Gong tonight.

- It has been reported that Daniel Joyce has landed the knock out three as the Gold Coast Blaze (2-12) snuck by the Wollongong Hawks (6-6), 111-110.

The Blaze trailed for the majority of the game before Shane Heal, Pero Cameron and finally Joyce hit from long range to get the Blaze their first road win for the season.

Once the game was over Joyce senior gave everyone any earful who cared to get involved. Beside sections of the crowd, Glen Saville and Eric Cooks were a few victims of the rather excited Joyces.

The Gold Coast now travels back home and play the road troubled Adelaide 36ers on Sunday afternoon.

- The NBL has seen its first import sacked this year. Adelaide 36ers have released rookie import Mark Tyndale.

Tyndale was brought in to be a solid contributor for the team but due to injuries to key members (Brett Maher and Brad Davidson) the 36ers feel they need a little more from their import position.

Only having seen Tyndale play a few times I felt he was going to be a good fit for this team. A slasher who seemed to be unselfish and who could be the guy to fill the holes on any given night. He would also be the guy given the tough perimeter defensive assignment.

It was obvious he was not the guy who was going to take over a game, but he was never recruited for this.

Tyndale leaves our shores averaging 13ppg, 6.5rpg and 4apg. Not exactly chopped liver.

- "NBL imports should improve the NBL and the teams. Cal Bruton, James Crawford, Ricky Grace, Lanard Copeland, Darryl McDonald, Rob Rose, Al Green, Scott Fisher and Leroy Loggins got people to games."

"Now we've got Mark Tyndale, Dusty Rychart, David Gruber, Isiah Victor and Rick Rickert. Say no more." If you want to read the rest of The Herald Sun's Grantley Bernard, click here.

Interesting to see that Grantley did not mention any of the current imports playing in Melbourne.

- South Dragon often injured centre Matt Burston praises surgeon and Brian Goorjian for his fast start to the season.

- Steve Carfino all over Eric Cooks like a cheap suit.

- Conner Henry looking for playoff type atmosphere against the Taipans.

- National Team coach Brian Goorjian tells a Melbourne audience that Pat Mills was the best player at the Olympics for the Boomers and Andrew Bogut cannot be expected to shoulder the load internationally.

- "Chairman of the Boards" Mark Davis is conducting a holiday camp over the Christmas break in Adelaide.

You Tube Clip of The Day

MJ loses at his own camp!


Anonymous said...

Hawkins from the Blaze was the first import sacked JR.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how Grantley Bernard didn't look in his own backyard? Tigers have the most "exciting import" Ebi Ere in the league, yet the tigers crowds are lower than last year and are struggling to even get crowds bigger than the Hawks and Blaze?

Where was Grantley back in those days? Does he not know the game has evolved and the style of basketball has changed since the Leroy and Ricky Grace eras?

Grantley, go write about the Tigers dismal crowds and all the millions the Dragons have spent the past three seasons to achieve nothing.

Anonymous said...

Brendan Joyce has no class. The fact he keeps building his team so he has no choice but to play his son (a decent back up at best)significant minutes is an embarrassment.

John Rillie said...


Hawkins was released due to injury.