Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aussie Ballers Overseas & News

Could Brad Newley be swapping this jersey for a Houston Rocket's one in the near future?

Let's take a look at what Aussie ballers are doing elsewhere in the world.

Andrew Bogut - It has been a huge week for the Milwaukee Bucks bigman. First, he faced Shaq early in the week where Shaq-Fu made a SportsCentre highlight out of him.

After dealing with the "Diesel", the next day Bogut had to deal with two fools while conducting his interview for "The OT". His time was much appreciated.

After getting over his career highlight (The OT), Bogut launches his own website. I cannot wait to see some of the video highlights coming, but fans will love the Q & A feature. Send in your question and the two time Olympian will personally answer it.

And to round the week off, Bogut had a lazy 10pts and 17rebs against former NBA MVP Tim Duncan.

Oh, to be in the NBA.

Brad Newley - Newley and his Greek team Panellinios have advanced to the next round of the ULEB Cup. Although Newley's team lost this contest, they defeated the Russian team by 27 on their home court. Having a +3 points differential in the series sees them advance.

Newley has been under the watchful eye of the Houston Rockets. Just a few weekends ago the Rockets had their people in the stands at one of Newley's Greek League games. He made their trip worthwhile as he went to work. He ended the game with 20pts and 10rebs. Here is the boxscore from his last Greek League game, another double double.

Could be interesting times ahead for Newley. If he continues with the form he is showing currently the NBA might just come knocking, otherwise a strong Euroleague team may just become interested in the Aussies services.

David Andersen - Barcelona lose a close one in the Spanish league. He tackles his Euroleague game later today.

Aleks Maric - Quiet week for the former Nebraska Cornhusker. He only hit the court for seven minutes, but managed to foul out.

Daniel Kickett - The former St Mary Gael continues to have a solid season in Spain. Could he be a smokey for the World Champ team in 2010? Latest boxscore.

Wade Helliwell - The big man thrashed around for nine minutes this week. He plays in the Italian league.

Steve Markovic - 'Wombat" got to work on his posterior size this week. He was in the game for a minute.

Other Hoops News

- Brian Goorjian and Kirk Penney take out monthly awards.

- New Bullets in a race against time.

- Cameron Tragardh likes the feeling of winning.

- Boti Nagy with his pearls of wisdom.

- What the New Zealand Breakers will get up to in Townsville?

- Blaze have a danger man when they play the Hawks.

- Brian Goorjian believes his Dragon team has as much talent as his last Kings team.

- Adelaide coach asks for consistency from import Mark Tyndale.

People, you need to fast forward to Corey Williams player segment at the end of this clip. He is wearing black hot pants.

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Dodge Taylor said...

Other than way too much Homicide (literally), I had to check the tape again, roughly one minute in is that Cam (Shaq) Tovey in the background getting a good bounce and HITTING a free-throw??

Poor kid, can't resist giving him a hard time at the moment.

Good luck against the Breakers!