Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fox To Pony Up $35M

Will Fox Sports become basketball's saviour? We will find out this weekend.

It has been reported that Fox Sports is prepared to throw $35 million into basketball if the national basketball fraternity is prepared to change its current way of operating.

At first glance this seems like a no brainer, especially when the TV network is talking about televising all national competition games. I'm hearing it would be an eight team competition, with one game per week for each team. A much better situation then what we currently have.

Will this change happen? We will know more after this weekend when it has gone to a vote. Voting includes local associations as well as NBL franchises, with 75% of the vote required for the recommended reform to take place.

If the reform is voted in, this means that basketball in this country will come under one banner, finally and Fox Sport will jump on board.

As I have said, it seems like a no brainer when 35 million is on the table. I do wonder though how associations will vote if they feel that none of the money will come their way.

I have no idea what the majority of the associations are thinking before they head to this polling booth, but it is human nature not to relinquish power. These local associations will want to feel the love before they agree to any change.

I cannot disagree with this way of thinking as it is the grass roots of basketball in this country that holds the key to the future of this sport. We need children playing this game if there is to be any future for a professional national competition.

If we are truly going to come under one banner for the first time, let's do it right this time round so this great sport can climb the food chain in the sporting jungle this country of ours has created.


- Adelaide 36ers defeat an undermanned New Zealand Breakers 96-86. Phill Jones missed due to suspension while CJ Bruton sat out because he suffered a back spasm during warm-up.

- Jason Smith to play his first game for the Sydney Spirit.

- Wollongong staying on track during mini-break.

- Kiwis to censor colourful language.


mookie said...

If I was with one of those associations I'd want to be seeing some pretty detailed plans in place on how the new umbrella organisation intended to spend the $35m to keep basketball up and running AND GROWING.

This is almost a "one shot" opportunity to get this right. So let's hope that there is no rush, plenty of debate and some smart business and basketball heads involved to get the right conclusion and the result that we have been waiting on as loyal Australian basketball fans for some time.

skip said...

" Adelaide 36ers defeat an undermanned New Zealand Breakers 96-86. Phill Jones missed due to suspension while CJ Bruton sat out because he suffered a back spasm during warm-up."

Lets not forget that Adelaide were undermanned just as badly with Maher and Davidson out.

Anonymous said...

Even with Alan Godden reffing the game I would have to agree with Skip!

Glockers said...

I've posted my thoughts on my blog,

But we need this to work and we need this voted in. I understand the apprehension, but what options are there? Just let the sport flounder more till it slowly dies and our kids are taken by others?

Kelthoctor said...

On the surface, im against the proposal.

Firstly its like, let's do what A-League did.. But unfortunately NBL hasn't got a Billionaire funding it, nor do we have something like the Socceroos at the World Cup leading into the season re-launch. We also don't have teams that were based on racial backgrounds that need to be blown up to unite fans.

Everyone is talking about the $35mil and how it will help the NBL.

How much of this is actual CASH.
What do associations get out of it?
What do teams get?

How much revenue will each team lose with only 10 or 11 home games.

Will less games = lower player salaries? If so will players stick around or bolt to Europe or get a real job.

2-3 games a week on FTA would be better than 6 on Fox. Sure all games on FOX would be great for bball diehards that have it... but those people are already basketball fans, this does nothing to attract new fans.

NBL needs new & more fans, having a FTA presense is a huge part of that.

Only something like 30% of Australia has FOX

Mike said...

Going down the Fox path would be the worst thing for basketball.

This is a football piece I wrote about their deal. There are lessons to be learned here. Being parked away on Fox is not conducive to consistent, nation-wide growth.

I support a lot of the elements of football's reform being replicated by hoops. But we need to look at why certain measures were adopted and whether they can be considered a success.

One-city, one-team was aimed at removing ethnic ties (something which does not exist in basketball). The FFA have also announced a second Melbourne team will be introduced (meaning for the long-term rivalry is important).

So why on earth did this come up in all the reform talk?

As for the Fox deal, well, the jury is still out on whether that benefits the game.

Although the other night, Adelaide United played in an Asian Champions League final with very little coverage in the mainstream media.

What more does a club have to do to get attention than prove itself on the WORLD stage?

This frustration will only be echoed by basketball fans should we sign ourselves away to Fox.

DJ Rod said...

the dollars are what we want but I don't think what FOX currently give us is ideal.

Snoop Wogg said...

I think this cash is a firm commitment and a lifesaver. Unless the new Ch10 HD sports channel signs up, this is surely the next best thing. My only concern would be Basketbal Australia fucking up the money by not promoting the sport properly. Lets face it, why would anyone want to sponsor one of our teams at the moment? At least this Fox deal gives sponsors the chance to see their logos on a TV screen.