Monday, November 10, 2008

News and Results

Michael is a massive fan of "The OT" and the Wildcats. Congrats to Michael, a CD is coming your way. How scared do I look?

I was hoping to blog about something worthwhile tonight but so much is happening in the NBL at the moment I do not want to open my mouth until I have a better take on some situations.

In the meantime I will provide all the results and news from around the league. Enjoy!


Blaze 115-106 Crocs recap
Breakers 86-96 36ers recap
Spirit 80-98 Tigers recap
36ers 70-71 Taipans recap
Perth 115-78 Crocs recap
Tigers 84-86 Breakers recap
Dragons 95-83 Spirit recap



- According to my coach Trevor Gleeson it will be back to the basics at practice tomorrow.

- Perth import Darnell Hinson is finding his feet out west.

- Import Rod Grizzard believes his Tigers are a little complacent.

- Shane Heal booed as he left the court after being ejected against his old team.

- Wollongong Hawks need cash if they are to remain in the new NBL.

- Adelaide journo Boti Nagy gives us his thoughts on the vote. And don't forget his colourful weekly wrap.

- Cairns feel like their hard fought one point win over Adelaide might just be what the doctor ordered.

- Cats feast on Crocs.

- Cairns CEO makes public appeal.

- Chuck Harmison's Q & A with the Newcastle Herald.

- "The OT's" interview with Corey Williams gets a run at Bounce Mag.

- A blog article on Aussie NBL players who have gone the college route.

- All today's NBA scores.

- Spurs Tony Parker to miss four weeks due to injury.

- AI's first game in a Detroit jersey.

Reminds me of my dunking days!

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Anonymous said...

Had to laugh when your coach said you guys were going back to basics and to improve your defense. If he hadn't worked that out a few years ago it is time that he is moved on. Defense has always been your problem. You guys have always had pretty talented teams but always under achieved and why? No D.