Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vote 1...JR

You guys need to go to and vote for JR to participate in the All-Star Three Point Shoot Out. Every vote counts and only six players get to go. I am more than happy to debate any of the other shooters on the list. The worm will be looking for a breather after I have finished speaking my mind. If I get there everyone else is playing for second. If you are not registered to vote, no problem. Find a computer and log on. That's all that is needed. Vote 1...JR

Tomorrow morning I make my debut on ESPN Sportscenter Aussie style. Host Travis "40" Winks hits me with the tough questions, and I come through with a strong performance. To bad it is on at the crack of dawn. I'm sure it will rate so well it will be replayed in prime time later in the day.

Bakari Hendrix is in a race against time. The Dragons are going with him (replaced import Nick Horvath), but will he be cleared in time for this weekend's game? If he does play and the Dragons win, he becomes a hero immediately. If they lose a few more, will the Dragons make further changes? Interesting times ahead for this team.

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Anonymous said...

Since it seems you've commented on most every other replacement import - do you have any inside info on Angelo Reyes, the Hawks new fellow?

Looks like a big unit & should slot right in next to Cam Tragardh in the Hawks frontline.

Unlike an Isiah Victor with the Kings, who is brought in esentially as a role player, Reyes will need to be a star on this Hawks team for them to compete. Losing Mat Campbell for 3-4 weeks nwo will hurt them too.

JR said...


I do not know too much about Reyes. From my research though, this guy can rebound. This will suit CT as he can get his shots up and have someone there to clean them up.

If CT can continue with his current form and Reyes slots in nicely, the Hawks all of a sudden become a different team.

I'm sure the people of wollongong will love supporting and watching this line up.

Sondra said...

Well said.