Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Mohawk Baby!

One of my best!

After practice today there was a score to settle. Homicide opened his big mouth in the weight room the other day and said I would not get a Mohawk and sport it during a game. (You have to love new seppos.) Well my ego got the better of me and said "do it".

During this banter between myself and Homicide aka Corey Williams, Greg Vanderjagt and Galen Young got in on the action. After some heated conversation there was a nice pool of money that had my name all over it.

So today was the day for the haircut to happen. Galen hooked me up with a fresh cut that I will be sporting in the upcoming games. I cannot wait for some of the cheap shots from the crowd.
The way I look at it, my hair will grow back in no time (unlike some of my teammates), while I still have not found that money tree with an endless supply of the stuff. Easy money from my angle.

I can see this hairstyle taking off across Townsville. I just hope Mr T is proud.
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Boxscores round 5


Anonymous said...

yeah thats the way JR... you showed em - you GOT SUM NUTS!

MAGIC MAN said...

"always shoot' "john rilley"

Darren said...

I like it, i think it should stay for the season, it's very early Boldenesque, he would be impressed. Kris can't believe Heidi let you do it. I wouldn't expect anything different from you, keep it up.
Either you have grown or it is a low hoop you are practicing on, maybe that is the reason for your slow start to the season?
Like i said before, we need someone like homicide in league, he is someone we love to hate.

DJ Rod said...


Heidi, don't let the boys get one of those haircuts too

Anonymous said...

Any correlation that you guys win when Anthony Stewart is not on the team?

JR said...


My wife supports me in what I do or I just do it anyway. As for my kids, they support the Mohawk too.

As for Anthony Stewart and winning, maybe if we are in the Semis against the 36ers and we need a three in the corner, he is our man. For now, we are 2-0 with Sheridan.