Sunday, October 28, 2007


Stop the press. Rashad Phillips has released a You Tube piece. Check it out:

With a few days off and the wife heading to the Justin Timberlake concert, that left me plenty of time to surf the net over the weekend. Oh boy, have I come up with some stuff for you guys to sink your teeth into.

First, the NBA kicks off this week and TNT broadcasting company is giving people a chance to ask Charles Barkley a question on November 1st, USA time. Have a good question and you might just find yourself on the big stage. Click here to find out more:

If you are interested and do not have a You Tube account, trust me, it is very simple so do not let that put you off. Even I figured this out over the weekend.

Something else that caught my eye were these dance moves from Wisconsin's basketball head coach Bo Ryan. Soulja Boy's hit single Crank Dat is causing a dance craze through out the States. What I'm thinking here is half time entertainment at the All Star game. One player, one coach from each team having a dance off. I can just see it now, Homicide and Trevor Gleeson holding the trophy a loft.

Boxscores Saturday/Sunday 36ers vs blaze tigers vs breakers taipans vs bullets hawks vs pigs dragons vs breakers

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