Monday, October 8, 2007

Setting the Example

If anyone has been following the NBA over the offseason, you will know that Knicks coach Isiah Thomas is in some hot water over sexual harassment charges. Whether Thomas did or did not behave like this, there are only a select few people that will ever know the truth behind what really happened.

This did get me thinking though and I have to agree with J.A. Adande. Players in all professional sporting arenas are put under the microscope in all facets of life. Why should the other employees or bosses of a franchise not be made to follow the same rules they preach to their players on a near daily basis. I can hear it right now. "Remember who you are representing at all times."

This phrase absolutely shits me. Teams will always say they recruit "good guys". So do these "good guys" need to be reminded how to conduct themselves in the public eye. I don't think so. Acting responsible is something I hope I will do no matter who I'm representing at whatever time of the day. Sure, I understand being an athlete you become a target in the public eye sometimes, but your profession should not determine how you behave.

Another point to come out of this Thomas ordeal is, how can these franchises expect teenagers and 20 somethings to behave properly if the leaders of the group are setting a bad example. All teams these days talk about creating a "positive culture". Whether it is on the field or in the office the culture is put to the test and all must abide by the rules. The franchise is ultimately one big team.

I know players understand that they are always going to be scrutinized a little closer than the lady that operates the photocopy machine, but when an mistake is made there can be no leniency shown.

If the NBA takes no action against the Knicks and I'm Mark Cuban, I'm asking David Stern for a huge refund. Favourites cannot be played in situations like this, otherwise your company will spiral out of control and possibly a slow death.

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Darren said...

An interesting article, followed by a nice response. I tend to agree with you. It's sad to see that when you become a great player then all of a sudden you are untouchable and treated like a god, but then again it happens in all sports. If they could only clamp down on the Rugby League players.

Anonymous said...

Good read, JR. I agree with you on the matter - no matter which club, organization or employer you're representing, you should be representing yourself in a good light at all times. And you should be doing it for yourself, not for anyone else.

Another thing I wanted to ask you - did you get to any U14 nationals games in TSV over the past week? Was a fantastic tournament with some great talent on display.

I must say - the Crocs training facility is pretty sweet. You guys are looked after well up there.

JR said...


You would have to be happy with the Pigs early season form. Do you think they can continue with this for the remainder of the season?

JR said...


No I did not make it out to the championships over the weekend. I heard there was some good talent though. It was great to see so many of those kids at our game though.

You are right, we have a great practice facility at our disposal.

darren said...

Like you say, it's too early to call things this early stage of the season while other teams are still working things out, I believe they are capable of being in the top 6 for what i have seen. (if all players stay injured free) It's also exciting to see your new guard coming into the legue, by what i saw of him on youtube looks good for the league, we need a new show pony and somebody we love to hate. take care.