Friday, October 5, 2007

Homicide has Entered the Building

Our new import Corey "Homicide" Williams touched down in the Ville today. Sporting a mohawk surrounded by stars etched into his melon, this guy has character written all over him. Let me tell you, his fellow point guard Kelvin Robertson will be learning a lot from this guy. Off the court I'm talking about. Kelvin will be a cultured young man by the end of this season.

Homicide, (I cannot believe after all these years I will be calling a teammate "Homicide") has not hit the court yet so I cannot let you know what type of player he is. What I have done though, is gone to my good friend You Tube and found some footage of this man. Please, some of the content is for the older generation, so you have been warned.

If this is your thing, there is plenty more of Homicide on You Tube.

NBL Boxscores from tonight:


Anonymous said...

Clearly this will be a Turner and Hooch partnership with you and the new PG inspecting many crime scenes at the Swamp.

JR said...

I just hope it is a successful partnership, then you can call it what you want.