Monday, October 22, 2007


Like Father, Like Son....and his "J" is coming too
Big Ben...Big Kev Excited Throwing This Down...look closely

Finally the weekend saw the Crocs join the winners circle again. A solid performance saw us beat the Adelaide 36ers by 22. Not taking away from the game, but there has been a lot of conversation about the Mohawks. Sure Homicide has been the trendsetter here for the team, but Galen has sported on before, while I am a virgin to the Mohawk.

It was not a team thing, just a few guys running their mouth that led to something. We would love it if others jumped on board, but I cannot see that happening. Maybe someone will make a liar out of me, but I think I'm very safe.

Brad Newley started his Greek experience last weekend. His team won on the road and Newley scored 9 points in 30 minutes of PT.

Interesting to see that Perth has let go of Rashad Philips and brought in Gerald Brown. I spent a few of my college years matched up on Brown. He played the two guard so I will be interested to see how the point is handled or if he has turned into a point since turning pro. He certainly has size about himself.

My personal feelings are a few other teams are beginning to get itchy fingers as far as pulling the trigger on an import. This is always a tough call. The devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don't. Time will tell, but look for some more changes soon!

Talk about bad luck. Former championship winning teammate Scott Ninnis has not had the best run of luck when it comes to coaching. Since leaving the friendly confines of Adelaide in 2005, he has spent one year with the Crocs, suppose to be with the Dragons for a couple, but ended up in court after one year, and now the real kick to he groin. He has resigned from the Adelaide women's team. Right now I wouldn't even let him near my backyard to coach my sons!

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Anonymous said...

My main man JR,

How do you think G. Brown will go in our league? Obviously not a pure point, but do you think he'll be able to put up numbers for the Cats?

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt they sign Anthony Stewart?

JR said...


It is hard for me to comment on how this will work out. I have not seen Brown play since 1995 when he was a two guard. Times have changes and he has moved to the point. I will be watching this with close interest. One thing Philips was doing was creating about 8 easy baskets a game for his teammates. Someone will need to fill this void now.

As for Stewie, I think he is back in Tassie hanging with all his relatives.