Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crocs Almost Have A Streak

I have always been told that a streak is three. Well, with our hard fought three point win over the pesky Razorbacks last night we have two wins in a row. Next will see us hit the road against an inform Sydney Kings. This is a great test for us right now. A few solid home wins starts to get you in a groove, but to really see where you are at you need a test. This is what the Kings will be. Currently they are sitting in second spot and playing with great confidence. Add their great home record and we really get to see where we are at.

An interesting side note to this game will be Rowdy Sheridan playing his first ever NBL game against Brian Goorjian. Rowdy played under Goorj for his first nine seasons. He missed our early round clash against the Kings, so get your cameras ready as Rowdy may so a little emotion in this game. We all may turn "pasty" white if we witness that!

Brad Newley has his second game in the Greek league today. You can find results at

Boxscores so far: kings vs 36ers hawks vs wildcats crocs vs pigs

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Anonymous said...

i noticed on eurobasket that Korleone young and Bennet Davison are currently available, would be good for any NBL team looking to replace a disappointing import..

JR said...

Eurobasket is a good way to keep up with what is happening, but not always to most reliable source. Eg, Brad Newley's fellow team import (Gerry MacNamara) was reported to have been fired by Panionios, he is still with the team.

Maybe they are available and would be good pick ups for the NBL, but are you 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

No not 100% sure, thought that would be something the Crocs scouts could look into tho

Anonymous said...

Anthony Stewart is still available

JR said...

I think one A Stewart has been prostituting himself around. He has been picked up by the Tigers while Dave Thomas is injured.