Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally See a Fox Game

Tonight was the first time this season I was able to sit in my Laz-E-Boy and watch a game from start to finish. Whether we have been playing or travelling I have not been able to utilize my Austar subscription yet. I'm sure my wife knows that means I will only make up for lost time in the coming weeks.

Back to the game. What a cracker of a game to tune into though. The Dragons were the better team for most of the game. Even without scoring machine Cortez Groves, the Dragons created plenty of open looks for each other. But the the veteran savvy Tigers turned it up in the fourth quarter.

It was picture perfect Tigers basketball. D-Mac off a high on ball. If that was not on, get it to Chris Anstey for three in the corner or on the block to create what the defense gave him. Anstey delivered on nearly every possession. Whether it was himself scoring or creating an easy open look for a teammate, he did it.

I loved watching this. Smart basketball. Getting the ball to the guy who made good decisions and the rest falls into place. Everyone knew what was going to happen so the likes of Dave Barlow and Thomas positioned themselves to knock the weak side jumper down. Pretty to watch.

I'm sure a lot of you fans are wondering what is happening with the Crocs right now. Sure our record does not please the eye, but we are close I'm telling you. Four of the five games we have lost, we have had a good lead at the half, then we fall asleep. Once we fix this problem, we will be on the road to recovery.

I know, you are going to say it better happen soon. It will, especially since we get to play a few games at home in a row now. Throw in some improvement in my own personal form, and a win is just around the corner.

Just a point of interest. Did anyone else think that in Joe Ingles interview after the game he was leaning towards Nick Horvath being on the outer? I'm curious to see if anyone else got the same vibe!

This week's boxscores: wildcats vs 36ers tigers vs taipans crocs vs breakers hawks vs pigs tigers vs dragons blaze vs slingers


Anonymous said...

As a 36ers fan, I wasn't upset to see the back of Horvath, and believe Ballinger is a *huge* upgrade for us. He has more weapons in his arsenal offensively & is far more competent defensively than Horvath.

I don't think Horvath really fits in the Dragons plans, especially if Burston is fit & performing (as he is now). So it wouldn't shock me to see him given the heave-ho.

What are your thoughts on Chappell for the 6ers JR? Obivously he's hurt & not performing ATM. Smyth has defended him & this week said he expects a breakout performance. How long should a middle-of-the-road team like the 6ers be willing to carry an import like Chappell? Should they be looking at replacements now, or do they need to give him some more time?

Anonymous said...

How's "Homicide" fitting into the team JR? He looked pretty good against the Breakers, did he rate his game, or has he got a bit more to show?

JR said...


If Chappell can still be the player he was for the Hawks and Cannons he is the type of player that is great in a Phil Smyth system.

I cannot comment on his health, but if fit he could fit in nicely with the 6ers line up. I just hope he has his breakout after this weekend.

JR said...


"Homicide" has fit in nicely. He is a good character to have on our squad. I believe he has more to show as he has only had a handful of practices with us.

We will be a better team as he becomes comfortable in the environment.

The NBL has a character on its hands.