Monday, October 29, 2007

Give The Barber Credit

I have been rocking the mohawk for two games now and guess what, we are 2-0. It is here to say, maybe. This stylish cut would not be possible without my barber, Galen Young (pictured left). This guy is multi-talented. Both Homicide and myself have been taking advantage of G's free service. I have created some You Tube links to show you what goes into a hair cut like this. I can only hope a few teammates may join us in the coming days. Movember is fast approaching. Stay tuned for more.

Mohawk Links: "Homicide" Williams getting a fresh cut Second edition of the Mohawk

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Boxscore: kings vs slingers


Anonymous said...


I understand that you've got to support your players but, how do you rate your boy Galen Young. I can appreciate his rebounding is important however a 6'5 import guard hasn't been paid to rebound I suspect. With the likes of Homicide, Kelvin (who I think is killing it) and yourself, would a bigger body to bang around the paint be a better option.

I may be totally wrong as you guys are on a 2-0 streak. But, I also suppose this question is on the back of Rashad Phillips being cut from Perth (which I think was a stupid gamble) Pretty much just wondering your opinion?


P.S. Pep's the man!

dry back said...

I would class Galen as more a 6'6 SF who can fill in as a PG or PF. I believe GY was brought in to help out kelin in the PG/Assist getting department and from all reports he seemed like a perfect fit for the job.

Although GY doesnt have the height to play a big in the nbl full time players such as Mackinnon and Saville have said that he has the hardest body in the nbl, also IMO has been banging it around in the paint a fair bit with the injury to Roe.

anon JR isn't going to have anything but good things to say about Galen, which he should as the team captain, he should have nothing but support for his team and confidence in the scouting of his coaches. Word on the street is that GY starts slow and then goes off for multiple triple doubles and 20-30 and even 40pt games, so hopefully he can get his confidence up and get the monkey off the back in time to keep his job and bring a ring up north(but just not to far).

Anonymous said...

Look I understand what you are saying and stats don't tell you everything about how a player plays. There are some fantastic players who don't register as successful on the stat sheet. I can also understand that GY is a swingman and can fill in at a lot of different positions which is handy. Would just like you to have a look at these stats for GY:

As you said, hopefully he will start producing, not necessarily great stats but helping the team to get a few more W's, which is the main thing.

And I am aware JR will have nothing but great things to say, but I am still wondering his opinion. I'm sure Galen is the greatest dude in the world,but I might prefer a guy who can constantly make large contributions to the Crocs, which Australians like Robertson, Pepper, ofcourse Rillie and Ego have been doing.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Anthony Stewart.

JR said...

Reply to All:

Galen Young's situation since arriving in this country has changed greatly. Having been brought over here to be a three man and also providing some PG relief for Kelvin his role has been changing almost weekly since his arrival.

With an injury plagued preseason for the Crocs, Galen was asked to fill many positions on the run. Being a new import, getting a feel for the league and being asked to play many positions without practice, this is tough.

The good thing for Galen now and the rest of us, the lineup is beginning to settle and everyone is getting a better feel for what this team's style will evolve into. He is a guy you want to be in the trenches with.

Let me tell you from experience, Kevin Brooks did not set the world on fire stats wise when he first landed here, but we all know how his playing career panned out. (36ers would love to have him now, I bet.)

As our team continues to develop and improve it will be interesting to see if people have the same opinion down the track!

Anonymous said...

How far down the track are we talkin JR? Galen played a great game on the defensive end but yet again his offence was a non-factor. To his defence the whole teams offense was terrible last night.

Anonymous said...

Well said, John!

Galen is a good player, a good person and a good teammate. It sickens me to read on the internet all these people calling for his head. Give the man a chance, he has been thrown into a tough set of circumstances.
Love you Galen!


Anonymous said...

Look around the league, 3 teams have already cut and replaced imports. Guess their respective teams thought that this far into the season is enough of a chance.