Monday, October 15, 2007

AllStar Three Point Shoot Out

It seems like the All Star game will be in Melbourne this year. This is great. What I'm here to bring up is the talk that has centred around a three point shoot out. This competition has not been part of the festivities for quite some time, but I say bring it back.

Sure, there is no doubting I have a soft spot for it, but it is a huge part of our game right now. To see a guy run of 11, 12 in a row is better to watch than Rhys Carter give us nothing in a dunk comp. I believe the fans would love to see the best shooters go at it.

Imagine Maher, Black, Anstey, Corletto, DeVries and whoever else trying to out shoot me. It would be just as entertaining as anything else happening during the course of the All Star proceedings.

Talking about the All Star game though, it is great to see that it is still around this year. There was quite a lot of talk about it being scrapped again. You need to reward the players and give the fans a chance to see the best getting around in this type of environment.

I even suggested in an article last year, that you could have two games. A Brian Goorjian led national team vs the best of the rest Aussies, while you have an east vs west American game. These games would be played for real from start to finish.

You can make these things work, you just have to get creative. I just hope we see the All Star Game become a bigger calender item than what it is right now.

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DJROD said...

one of the best things i ever saw was Craig Hodges make 19 in a row back in about 1991. The NBA was on ABC back in those days. I think Kenny "Sky" Walker won the dunk comp that year too with his JR Style tight shorts.

djrod said...

nope I was wrong Dee Brown in the house!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the 3pt shootout here, imo it is the best part of the NBA allstar weekend. The NBL has so many great 3 point shooters (yourself included) that it should be hotly contested. Hopefully you would come out victorious.

As it stands the allstar weekend does nothing for me and agree it's time for something new and exciting. If the right formula is found, the ASW could be just what the Dr. ordered to attract new fans to the NBL.


JR said...


If you could rock the tight shorts like me, you would be right there. Those were the days, Hodges, Skywalker, Dee Brown, Dale Ellis..and the list goes on...Joe Klein, Mark Eaton, Benoit Benjamin

JR said...


I just feel we need to spice the day's activities up a little. It has become a little groundhog day like.