Friday, January 2, 2009

News From The Hardwood

"I can't watch my carbs because I love the bread". - Luke Whitehead

- Don't forget, the latest edition of "The OT" is out now!

While I have spent the night kicking my wife's ass at checkers (draughts for you old timers like myself), this cannot be considered a major upset. The Wollongong Hawks however have put a hurtin' on the New Zealand Breakers tonight, 111-94. I can hear Dick Vitale right now, "upset city baby".

Read more on this below along with other news from around the hoops world.


- CJ Bruton will be out for three weeks with a dodgy wheel, while his replacement has been plucked from behind a office desk. Only in New Zealand!

Back to tonight's game. The Breakers were unable to capitalise on the favourable result of the South Dragons losing earlier on in the week. The Breakers had a chance to gain the outright lead at the top of the table with a win tonight.

Not to be. Now the Melbourne Tigers will begin to believe they are a chance of a top two finish.

- "I don't want to stir up the chemistry. He's come here to win a championship and fit in with the team and the way we use him will only be to the team's benefit. If we use him off the bench, we use him off the bench."

These are the words of Dragons coach Brian Goorjian talking to the Herald Sun about new import Donta Smith coming off the bench.

I see Smith playing a huge role the rest of the way for the Dragons. He oozes talent that could see him have a huge impact in this league.

But at who's expense will this come at?

- If you believe the words of Adelaide journo Boti Nagy, he will have you thinking the there will be a league next year (starting in October), and the name of it?

The NBL.

- Gold Coast Blaze import Luke Whitehead is at it again. He has put his rappin skills to work for a club song. I have yet to see or hear it, but as I'm heading to the Coast for a game on Sunday, I will endeavour to track it down.

Also, Whitehead has released a DVD titled Frisco 2 The Ville. Sorry Townsville, this is not us.

Luke grew up in San Francisco and attended college in Louisville, but the DVD centres around musical talents from these hoods.

Once again I'm trying to get my hands on a copy so I can review his work.

Just an idea Luke. If you want to create a buzz and push some major units, flick JR a copy or two of your DVD on Sunday. (Ask your teammate Scott MacGregor, I do not pay for anything so you are a better chance of a favourable review if you give me a copy instead of me having to go searching for a bootleg edition.)

I reach the masses from Toowoomba 2 Da Ville!

- Adelaide import Julius Hodge has not been getting his money on time. Ouch.

- Can the Cairns Taipans find an owner (or three) in time?

- While the NBL will continue to play in the summer, the WNBL is considering a change to the winter.


ryan711 said...

hey jr,Im making my way down to the Gold Coast 4 game,can u make it a better game then last time i went down there please lol

Anonymous said...

hey rillie. saw you kissing ass at jupiters on NYE. Any truth in the rumour that Rusty was dancing up a storm at the Bank nightclub whilst you were curled up in bed hugging your favourite soft toy.

Dodge Taylor said...

Did Hemmerling really try the old "cheque's in the mail" line??

If they want to continue winning, Adelaide better start paying their superstar on time. If you're going to slow-pay someone ... think Aaron Bruce. Ha ha ha


John Rillie said...


If I was at home hugging a soft toy, how would I know if Hinder is dacing up a storm?


I will endeavour to help you out with a better performance.

Anonymous said...

gotta love the sepo Rapper gangsta wanna bes