Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions & Hodge Takes One To Nutz

The Crocs brought in the New Year with a bang,..a solid win over the league leading South Dragons. While my teammates were out on the town ringing in the New Year, I was at home taking notes on some of their New Year resolutions.

Russell Hinder is known for his hustle play and those “one percenters” that help get his team over the line for a victory. And sharing team colours with him for the second time has reacquainted me with the fact that the guy spends A LOT of time on the floor.

Rusty’s resolution: To take the shoe size down by one size in an attempt to avoid tripping over those pesky painted lines on the court.

The “Love Doctor” Rosell Ellis has created a buzz around town on air when he doles out relationship advice every Thursday morning. From what I understand, many of his ‘patients’ are impressed and willing to take on board Rosell’s advice.

Ro’s resolution: To organise “The Love Doctor”World Tour. Stay tuned to find out when the Love Doctor’s tour bus will be rolling into a city near you.

My longtime teammate Kelvin Robertson has provided the team with many a laugh over the past few months (who am I kidding,…years), most recently it has been as a result of his joke telling. And let me tell you, it isn’t the punch line that is getting a laugh.

Kel’s resolution: To tell a joke that I haven’t already heard from my seven year old son.

Anthony Susnjara has been a great addition to this year’s team. His sense of humour and candor can never been misinterpreted. And if there is a random, short lived injury to be had, you can bet it will find a home with him. In his short time with the Crocs, he has already managed to suffer from random leg spasms and neck stiffness that lasted for days. He has been so light-headed that he has nearly fainted in practice and has vomited after an ill placed knee from a member of the opposition.

Sus’s resolution: That his next injury suffered be one that he may actually be able to receive some type of treatment for.

You may wonder just how Corey “Homicide” Williams could possibly be left off such a list as this? Two words: Too easy.

And last but not least, I am betting that all Croc fans would love to see their team can go undefeated for the rest of the season.

Well, I will see you Sunday afternoon when we face the Blaze and we will see if we can carry out this particular New Year’s resolution together.

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D.C.E said...

HODGE QUIT THE 36ERS!,22606,24887774-5006371,00.html

Whose fault is this really JR? get to the bottom of it. Did Hemmerling pay him in full only to have Hodge walk out? I think it's crap because if they did that, they'll be able to sue him and get the money back....

JR get on it. Get Hodge on the OT for the TRUTH!

tonyp said...

hey jr, i always enjoy your posts, they give a interesting point of view on nbl issues. congrats on making truehoop today with the freethrow challenge

ashley said...

I think that Hodge on the OT must have been the ultimate kiss of death

mookie said...

Looks like the emails to Henry at Truehoop worked. But the second part of the bargain hasn't come through yet -- getting Steve Nash to come back to the challenge.