Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook and Basketball News

FACEBOOK. I have finally taken the leap into this world that generates so much talk during our stretching time at practice. I was putting off joining for as long as possible, but I have given in and joined the masses.

Am I sold on it? I'm not sure yet but it has been great to get in contact with people I have not seen or heard from in years.

One thing I have worked out about Facebook though is, once you become "friends" you get caught up in a whole new web of people. This can become interesting stuff in itself.

But I'd just like to share my best experience to date with this cyber tool.

I happen to have a young teammate (let's just call him #6) who has changed his relationship status (one of the 1st questions you get asked when you sign up), quite recently. He has changed his status very recently to "being in a relationship".

This is a big move (and show of affection for the young lady) for any young bloke.

Just casting my mind my back to my youthful days it was quite a step just to tell your "boys" that a particular female had gained girlfriend status, let alone tell the cyber world. Wow, how times have changed.

Since the status change of my Western Australian born teammate, there is a rumour circulating that he met his lovely partner under similar circumstances. (I will seek confirmation of this tomorrow at practice.)

Now to the News

- The Melbourne Tigers extend their winning streak to seven. They defeated the league leading South Dragons in their Australia day clash.

Click here to listen to what Dragons coach Brian Goorjian had to say about his import Danta Smith. D-Day were the words used I believe.

All boxscores from Round 19. LADDER

- The New Year blues continue for the New Zealand Breakers. Having led the competition until the calender ticked over to 2009, the Breakers will be hoping to snap out of their losing (1-5 over past six games) before the playoffs.

The Melbourne Tigers recent surge seems to have put an end to the Breakers hope of finishing in the top 2.

- "Unless you've got a millionaire backer somewhere, you're just not going to have a team, and that's disappointing from a basketball point of view. It's turning into a rich person's only game." Wollongong Hawks Mat Campbell talking to the Illawarra Mercury.

- Cairns Taipans show they have plenty of spirit left.

This week will see the Taipans and their northern rivals the Townsville Crocodiles play for the last time. Should be quite an emotional game here in the "Ville.

- Former four time Olympian and NBL MVP Ray Borner has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.

- Melbourne Tigers import Dave Thomas has his "new" team back ticking on all cylinders.

- The Perth Wildcats have discovered a loophole (there's a surprise) in the NBL rules so Paul Rogers will be right to suit up in the playoffs.

- Canberra Cannons celebrate 30 years of history.

- Former Sydney Spirit owner Greg Evans has sunk more than a basketball team.

- Fellow bloggers, The Sport Count, have come up with a basketball tribute on Australia Day, The NBA's Top 10 Aussie Ballers.


Anton said...

Glad you liked the tribute, JR.

Question for ya: have you played against a particular guy -- whether at Gonzaga, or in the NBL -- who you really feel could've done well in the NBA?

Like, a guy who had a game you think could've translated really well to the Association, but who never got the chance due to circumstance, or bad luck, or cynical scouts or something?

Anonymous said...

Clint Doggs list of NBL/NBA players..........

1. Gaze
2. Heal
3. Longley
4. Chris Anstey
5. Mark Bradtke
6. Luke Schenscher
7. Nathan Jawai
8. Ricky Grace
9. Lanard Copeland
10. Any1 else but Bogut.

*Special Mentions (going on the Stephen Jackson rules)
11. Doug Overton (1st real Aussie/NBL Player to make it in the NBA on a proper roster and getting good minutes)
12. Stephen Jackson
13. Acie Earl
14. Orien Greene
15. Chris Jent


Anonymous said...

Some back ground info on Clint Dogg = his fans adore him

he raps at local 15 year olds parties (notice no one paying attention or even wants too)

Lets not forget he went to Jail for pulling one over Centerlink, and is actually proud of it.

There is no swearing or insults so i dont see why this should be deleted, just letting the public get toknow one of ozhoops and now jronfires biggest fans and commenters. Great American Bloke.

Ozhooper said...

hahahahahahaha Im going to sue you guys

only gangsta rapper to own a cat

Anonymous said...

Great Clint Dogg commenting on yet another website or forum, surprise surprise.


I love Clint Dogg.

Hes a real DJ, I learn from him.

Anonymous said...

I bought C-doggs cds.

DJ Rod said...

I had to laugh when your facebook sent a notification that 'John Rillie is now married' hahaha

Eminem said...

I wish the internet could forever block this Clint Dogg Character. His music and his persona are worse then a kick in the nuts.