Friday, January 9, 2009

Julius Hodge Tells His Side

PART 1 - Julius Hodge speaks about his walk-out on the Adelaide 36ers.

PART 2 - The interview continues


D.C.E said...

Great work on getting this JR. It's hard to know what the truth is. In reality, both sides could be telling the truth, but the circumstances that led them to this point may have soured the relationship beyond the point of trust. It's a shame to see yet another financially dominated issue crop up in the NBL with negative consequences. It will be nice when the words "sell-out crowds" start to find their names alongside NBL team names in the headlines again.
I do think that the public venom spewed in the Adelaide papers websites by the public are poorly placed when directed to Hodge.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the guy interviewing him, sounds like a full on nerdy geek, has a very good face 4 radio lol.

Keep doing yo thang J-Hodge, don't listen to those GayHoopers (aka OzHoops) they have no clue on what really goes on in the real world of Basketball, they r just "fans".

1 comment like "they got 6500 to the game, why don't they pay u out of that?" LMAO, the 36ers r probably running at a loss and have to PAY to host games like most other NBL clubs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clit Dog is that you ya hater?
Stop talking /starting rubbish up on every site you goto ,i now know why every one thinks your a joke!
With your past history i wouldnt be bagging anyone.
Soap on a rope perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the video's have now been removed off Youtube? Could it have something to do with them being loaded on to the official adelaide36ers youtube page? JR find out for us, update on the OT.