Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Aussie Sporting Moments Over The Weekend

First up, the Williams sisters get an eye full at the Aussie Open tennis.

And if you have happened to have missed Andrew Symonds latest interview on Roy and HG's Triple M radio program, check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Why is this on a Basketball website/blog?.

And same with the Williams sisters Tennis video too, THAT IS NOT BASKETBALL.

How stupid.

Anonymous said...

Go and find yourself another blog to read if you don't like the content you clown.

Anonymous said...


i will tell everyone what a joke it is then too.

have a nice day now wont you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, seriously. For the self proclaimed world's best basketball blogger JR, you don't post much, and when you do it's not much chop. Pull your socks up dude.

Chailee said...

Geez Anonymous, it's easy to bag someone when you are under the cover of the internet isn't it!!! JR is doing for basketball what the basketball association ISN'T - ie. promoting basketball. Obviously you are not a basketball fan, so it's best you start stalking other sites dude.

Anonymous said...

This is a different "anonymous" to the first one - my identity isn't the important detail here Chailee - but the questions regarding the content of the blog are valid.
Nice attempt at creating an irrelevant diversion tho.....

By the basketball "association" do you mean Basketball Australia?

Unlike the first one I won't be telling people the site is a joke, because I think the OT podcast is GREAT value, but seriously dude, beef up your posts.

Rach W said...

To anonymous 1- fair call- it's not basketball and in some peoples' opinion, maybe shouldn't be here, but it's JR's site and he'll put on it what he wants- it's his choice to decide content and it's our choice to stay or go based on that.
Good to see that you've decided it's not for you over something so trivial that has grown a life of its own.

I'm sure that if you present your feedback constructively and better thought out, you'd get a better response than the molotov cocktail the first anon threw and then ran away.
.... hope your Oz Day gets better.

As for anonymous 2- perhaps if you use a bit of tact and discretion and email JR with your constructive feedback, you'd get a better response too.
As for BA, I don't think they have anything to do with this site- if they did it probably would only get updated once a year with easily accessed public info.

Stop sweating the small stuff- there's bigger fish to fry with Oz basketball than panning the site of someone who is doing more than just sitting on his butt, chasing coin, selling his soul to the devil to get it and thinks the world revolves around him.
JR is getting people talking and communicating openly, which is the first step in fixing all this nonsense, so everyone needs to get their priorities right.

Kelvination said...

Correct me if i'm wrong, this is a personal blog called JR ON FIRE and the url is

It's not Basketball on Fire or