Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NBL & Overseas News

Is Shaq's recent good form hurting the Suns? Find out below.

Just finished recording the latest (and maybe best) installment of "The OT". So, while DJ Rod has it in the chop shop, catch up on the day's news.

- "I don't think there's certainly anyone we fear coming in here," Adelaide 36ers coach Scott Ninnis told the ABC. Adelaide have the Perth Wildcats coming to town this week.

- "If we played that game a month ago, we lose," Melbourne Tigers Chris Anstey said. "We made a couple of errors down the stretch, but we stuck with it."

You can read the rest of this article courtesy of the Herald Sun, right here.

- "Teams have probably figured us out a little bit, so it's up to us to make the adjustments," says New Zealand Breakers forward Tony Ronaldson. "We've got some counters and things to counter the way they play us now, but we just haven't been executing those too well."

Thanks to News 3 in New Zealand you can read the rest of this article or check out the video footage and see what the Breakers practice facility looks like.

- "Teams of the past that we have had probably would have failed at that and used some excuses, but the guys played outstanding in that last quarter."

Townsville Crocodiles coach Trevor Gleeson talking to the Townsville Bulletin about the Crocs recent win over Wollongong.

- "A lot of mouths to feed,” Steve Nash said. “I’m willing to just feed and feed. But then they get mad at me because they want me to be aggressive. They want me to make big shots down the stretch, so they need me to shoot periodically during the game." Courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

Is the resurgence of Shaquille O'Neal to blame for the Phoenix Suns poor form?

- Former NBA player Jannero Pargo has changed address in Europe, while Stephon Marbury will not budge on his buyout with the Knicks.

- If you been following the progress on Brandon Jenning's experience in Europe you may want to read this. A great read about what really happened.

For those who do not know Jennings, he will be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft his season. He decided not to go to college, but take his game to Europe as this experience would prepare him better for the NBA.

The jury is out on this philosophy.

Josh Smith right over Steve Nash.


Michael from Perth said...

Hey Guys,

Great Show, Drewy was a lot more forthcoming than Hoff.

As always I have the answer to the trivia question but will abide by the rules. JR's clue made this one reasonably easy. :)

Keep up the good work.

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DJ Rod said...

We have... just this week

It is called 'The OT with JR & DJ Rod' - who would have thought :)

Michael from Perth said...

Well I will have to join when I get home.

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DJ Rod said...

yeah it was an easy one