Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Birdman Swoops In On "The OT"

I'm going to be bias here and say that former Cairns import Larry Abney has produced one of the most candid interviews ever, let alone on "The OT".

Hours before "The Birdman" boarded a plane back to the States, he tells his story about what happened in Cairns over the past few weeks. Also he talks about Taipans coach Alan Black, while he tells a story or two about a former teammate.

All those rumours about him heading to the South Dragons are not true.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 14.


Dodge Taylor said...

OT - Snake on a Plane

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Michael from Perth said...

Well guys you've gone mass-market!

Just spotted this article of the website of The West Australian!

I think "Birdman" cops some undue criticism in the article but hopefully there will be a flow on effect for the Podcast!

As much as I thought his "Birdman" in Perth was ill advised a few weeks ago (I thought he learnt his lesson on inciting the Perth "Ferals" when playing for Townsville), I'll miss him as one of the characters of the game.

Oh and thanks for the shout out again!

Anonymous said...,8659,24818811-23769,00.html

foxsports too - WOW