Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Learn to Shot The Rock From A Pro

Jeremy Pargo has my #9 Zags looking like Final Four contenders early in the season. Thanks Mr Pargo for staying in school.

About six weeks to a month ago fellow blogger Roger Taylor approached me about shooting some videos to help younger players improve their shooting. I agreed to help out a fellow hoops junkie with the fine art of shooting.

It starts with very basic stuff like hand placement and footwork for a shot. A complete technique makeover shall we say. As we move along we start to cover things such as using the correct footwork when coming off a screen.

I'm sure kids can grab something worthwhile from it.

Taylor has the videos up and ready for viewing in his members only section. Like any good salesman he gives you a sneak peak at what you can look forward to viewing in the members section.

Good luck with improving your shooting.


- Sydney Spirit's power forward Matt Knight picks up the club's first NBL Player of the Week award. "The OT" will be more than happy to present Knight with a cd, as we felt he was ripped off last week.

- Kirk Penney is gaining support from around the NBL that he should be in the NBA. Are some of these coaches looking at their own teams fortunes or do they really believe he should be there?

- Spirit players to decide if NBL rescue package is to their liking.

- Tigers centre Chris Anstey is ready to hear it from the Adelaide faithful.

- Geelong Supercats are getting ready for the 2009 Big V season.

- Kirk Penney is banged up! I might have to give that thumb a whack or two on Thursday night.

- Coach Geordie McLeod may coach in New Zealand again.

- #9 Gonzaga coasts to win the Old Spice Classic.


Anonymous said...

Who is the clown passing the ball back to you johnny!? If thats the guy who's site it is, he's dreaming if he wasnts some cash!

Catch & Shoot is the fundamental, and this cat is flicking junk back all over the place...! No chance for you to show a low catch when your chasing your own rock!

Dodge Taylor said...

Fair enough comment annon. I hadn't actually picked up a ball for a little while and as you can see it took me a few minutes to get the feel back. (Plus I was a little nervous, JR is my favourite player). In the other videos I'm flicking him bounce passes that are on the money and hitting him on the chest like I should.

Its actually good practice for JR (and anyone else) to be catching and shooting from bad passes because you don't always get fed the rock perfectly.

Thankfully, the site and the videos aren't about me teaching you how to shoot, they're about the pro players I feature.


Anonymous said...

Fair call, prob a bit harsh once id re-read it.
have johnny give a click on developing a quick trigger, that would be good to hear.