Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is There A Place For Bloggers In The NBL?

caption time: There is a CD up for grabs for the best one. I now you guys can get creative with this great photo.

I truly believe it is time the NBL broadened their horizons and decided to use some of the material that bloggers provide to the basketball reading public.
Very much like use the likes of superstar Gilbert Arenas and others to spice up their otherwise generic website. Fans love to hear from the players and blogging is a great way to connect and be somewhat interactive with them.

It is important that the league targets guys that are serious about producing worthy and insightful work, but I feel this is another avenue that has yet to be utilised by the NBL.

I'm surprised that club websites do not have some of their players blogging.

What got me thinking about the underutilisation (yes, it is a word in my dictionary) of this media outlet was a recent game the Crocs had against the Sydney Spirit in cockroach territory.

First, the game was sponsored by Bogut ponied up 30K of his own money to help out his mates at the Spirit. (Just between you and me Andrew, for a 30K donation the courtside announcer could have mentioned your website a little more often. I felt everyone should have been leaving that place just wanting to visit your cyber world once they got home.)

The NBL does link Bogut's website on the NBL's official website. (Can JR get a link?)

Also sitting in the crowd was the king of basketball forums, Derek Nielsen. Nielsen is the gatekeeper of the Ozhoops forum.

Whether you think these forums sites are good or bad, they are here to stay and they serve a purpose.

I feel Nielsen's expertise could be used in a situation such as this. Live blogging from the game. I'm not sure if any other media outlet was giving live, up to date scores on this game, but why not have Nielsen doing a live online analysis of the game.

Bring something new to the table for the fans.

Now I'm not sure as to the expense and magnitude you need to go to make something like this happen but, "if you build it they will come".

If people know it is there, they will keep an eye on the score while they are mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon.

AsaSpace is another cybernerd that was taking in the game. Every now and then this guy does a little work for Sportal, so I guess the NBL is using his skills indirectly.

Playing Penny to Asa's Shaq is photographical genius, S23Pix.

Another basketball diehard just trying to do his bit for the sport.

You need to check out his site. He has some great action photos. Too bad most of them are of the Wollongong Hawks.

Last but not least is asternwarning.

A Sydney King's fan from way back who now calls England home. He has been a long time blogger, mainly about his NBA Jailblazers, but I thought it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on how the game is travelling since he last took in a game, Down Under.

Now hold your horses before you climb all over me. Sure the NBL can not allow for anyone and everyone to come under the NBL media banner but take this game for example. There would have been more outcasts (no Andre 3000 and Big Boi were not at the game) then mainstream media at the game.

For a sport that is looking for improved media exposure, maybe it is time to look outside the normal parameters and include some of these other avenues.

I will use my own blog as an example and be very generous with the numbers. I will have more traffic come through my site in a week than over half the teams get at their home games.

The game is alive but are we moving with the times?

Nate Robinson with the tip jam!


Anonymous said...

Bro's before Ho's

ashman said...

kronfire is not cool!

DJ Rod said...

'Are you talking to me? Are you Talking TO ME?'

ok I suck at this game but I totally agree with your post!!! I think in about Episode 6 or 7 I made a challenge to the NBL to add a blog roll or even just links to these 'underground media' such as The OT, Asaspace, Ozhoops, etc

What harm could come of it? surely all it is doing is providing a wider spread of media coverage of the NBL - isn't that what they want?

Anonymous said...

how come your own club doesn't have a link or promote your blog and podcast?

Isaac said...

"Now I'm not sure as to the expense and magnitude you need to go to make something like this happen but, "if you build it they will come"."

Not really that expensive to build in some sort of live commentary and cricket has shown that it can be informative and good fun. The issue would be that once created it would have to work consistently. That is, reliable internet connection at the game (how often is that a problem now?) and someone willing to do it and able to be at all games (or find a replacement).

Spend a couple of games taking notes or doing something like this and you'll wish you were back there as a regular fan who could enjoy the game rather than have your attention down at the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

its strange the Crocs don't support Jr's writing talents and promote his blog on their own club site. I read that the crocs ceo is leading the NBL into the new era along with perth ceo nick marvin, if the current crocs ceo can't see the importance of new media, what hope does the NEWNBL have if he is the one setting up the new league operations?

Anonymous said...

chances = slim and none

the guy is a leech and a loser.

Anonymous said...

CAPTION... Shorty, don't you dare tell me how to shoot a jumper. By the way Rohan, how many games you played ? Josh Jenkins, Victoria

Krint said...

Did he touch my ass Kelvin?!
Im sure he touched my ass!!!

(see 'Night At The Roxby' to explain!)

D.C.E said...

More NBL blogging, too much history has been lost.

Look at the NBA bloggers, it's crazy how much info and data you can get.

Anonymous said...


NO PLACE IN THE NBL for FOREUMS OR Bloggers, unless they r a credible source from someone who plays or works in the NBL like John Rillie.

Anyone else is just fantasy and pretend Basketball.
They can post anything they want without regulation and everyone starts to believe whats being posted when clearly most things r untrue.

Someone who has or works in the NBL is a much better source of info than some who runs a fantasy league where Shaq gets traded for Grizzard LMAO.

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