Monday, December 8, 2008

H-O-R-S-E with Bruce

For those that do not know, Adelaide 36ers rookie guard has challenged me to a game of H-O-R-S-E via YouTube.

Bruce kicked off the challenge with a regulation half court shot. Nice one, but who really knows how many times it took him to make it. Well done young fella, golf clap for that effort.

I just so happened to match his shot in front of a few hundred kids. One take wonder I guess you could say.

So back to you Mr Bruce as this is my return of serve (below) to your rather weak half court shot. I like the big stage so I decided I would create mine in a game situation.

Enjoy and I look forward to Wednesday night at the Dome.


Dodge Taylor said...

You're a natural in front of the camera JR ... natural! Nice work


Y2-K said...

Hey JR, nice shot! Im a Sixer fan and hope to see Brucey try and better that Wednesday night at the dome. Im lovin your blog mate, keep up the good work.

from a old fan of yours from way back..

Anonymous said...

Cairns are now going under. Not good omens for the state of basketball in Australia

Ashley said...

Cairns = they obvioulsy werent going to be in the league next year

krammis76 said...

Well thats disappointing hearing about Cairns. I did the road trip for the last taipans/crocs game and it was great fun going there and being the enemy!!

Anonymous said...

so how long does Brucey have to match it before he gets the H?