Monday, December 1, 2008

News and Notes

I'm Lovin' It!

- Well, it seems my jockstrap article was a hit with more than just the ladies. Here are a few sites that gave it a run.

Some bloke in Wollongong loved it!

It gets a run on a site called BulgeReport. I entered this site with one eye open. The name had me worried, but all is good, I think.

- While I'm tooting my own horn, get this into you courtesy of the Townsville Bulletin.

"That's the JR that we all know and once he gets his eye in he can hit them one-handed floating out of bounds," an ecstatic Townsville coach Trevor Gleeson said.

- Here is the actual game report from the Crocs/Taipans game.

- Are the Spirit still deadmen walking?

- Is former league MVP Sam MacKinnon's career over?

- Gold Coast coach Brendan Joyce wants expansion.

- Andrew Vlahov to move on from Perth. Will he be running the new league?

- Oscar Forman's hard work beginning to pay off.

- Brad Newley continues on his winning ways in Greece.

- Matt Nielsen fouls out rather quickly.

Charles Barkley on LeBron James and his free agency in 2010 - I agree with Sir Charles!


DJ Rod said...

International Roast?

Dodgey Accent Girl said...

Hahaha,'s funny cos it's true!

John Rillie said...

IR is a great drop. About 4-6 cups a day will do nicely.