Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Episode 13 of "The OT"

A huge thanks to our guest this week. Rob Beveridge spoke from the heart and you will understand when you listen to this episode of "The OT".

Not only does he talk about the state of the Sydney Spirit, he also talks about his chances of becoming the Boomers coach one day.

Great stuff Bevo but I'm going to have to put a hurtin' on you on Saturday.

Also DJ Rod and myself discuss the hot topics around the NBL and preview Round 12 in the NBL.

Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Love the way JR says i TOONS instead of tunes! hilarious!

Reddogg said...

Yes, its quite funny.
But once again a very good OT.
Rob Beveridge wearing his basketball heart on his sleeves trying to keep the Sydney spirit alive, i hope he succeeds.
Specially seeing how he is a Ranga brother of mine.

dj rod said...

i really do love my Rangas!

Michael from Perth said...

Hey JR and DJ Rod,

Another super show.

I enjoyed last week but welcome thje return to the usual format with the tipping and all.

After last night JR you must be putting yourself in contention for best sixth man duties!

So does the owing of CD's go all the way back to the start of the photo comp? Cause I'm still waiting on my CD and signed picture (by you and DJ Rod) from the Perth game. ;)

Really enjoyed the interview with Bevo on the show and am glad that the other clubs have pitched in to keep them in the comp.

Have you guys considered maybe selling a half season of the OT on CD with extras (e.g. the full player interviews) and maybe giving the proceeds to the Save the Spirit/Friends of the Spirit fund?

DJ Rod said...

hey best 6th man... great pick up michael!

averaging 15ppg over the last 4 games too

Michael from Perth said...

Is there no OT this week?

Or is it going to be a later edition?