Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aussie Hoops World Wide

Corey Williams could not send this to me quick enough. I think he sent it during half time of the game. You are the unluckiest man alive Sav!

With the Taipans debacle still not sitting right with me, I will leave my muddled thoughts for another day.

In the meantime let's take a look at how Aussies are going abroad and recap this round's NBL games. There were two games that went into OT baby!

Round 13 NBL

Adelaide 100-79 Townsville recap
Perth 129-120 Adelaide recap
Melbourne 98-107 South Dragons recap
Gold Coast 88-97 Cairns recap
Townsville 104-99 Wollongong recap


Other News

- Aussie centre Andrew Bogut went for 20 and 20 as he helped his Bucks defeat the Pacers.

- Sydneysider Anatoly Bose helps Nicholls St (NCAA) to victory.

- Utah's Luke Nevill matched up against Oklahoma's potential Player of the Year big man, Blake Griffin. Nevill and the Utes feel short.

- Pat Mills and his St Mary's Gaels had a close one against the Aztecs of San Diego St. Mills hit some crucial baskets down the stretch to close out the game for the Gaels.

- Aron Baynes and WSU too strong for Montana St.

- Ben Dowdell helps Santa Clara to easy win.

- Brad Newley has a solid 12 and 6 as his team coasts to an easy win in the Greek league.

- Aleks Maric helps his team while Daniel Kickert has to watch from the bench.

- Sydney Spirit captain Jason Smith advised teammates to take other deals.

- weighs in on the reform debate.


Anonymous said...

Have been keeping tabs on the Crocs improvement over the past 6 or so games. Congratulations on the improvement. But I am continually baffled as to what Russell Hinders role is on your team. I am from the old school and guys that are 6'10" are supposed to get more boards a games than 3 point attempts. Now I know the game has moved forward over the past couple of years but 2 boards in a game for a guy 6'10" is pathetic. The game hasn't moved on so much that a 6'10" can't dominate a league full of guys that are 6'6". Maybe the reason why your game is a little off this season is because you are crowed out on the three point line. You guys are really going to need someone to get it done in the paint if you are going to keep improving. If Hinder can't do it he is no use on the court because you guys have plenty of very good 3point shooters that could do a much better job.

DJ Rod said...

I think the Crocs are deliberately putting Hinder out on the 3 point line to draw the opposition teams Centres or Forwards out there with him!

If the bigs are on the 3 point line then players like Tovey, Egan etc can crash the O glass.

that doesn't explain why he doesn't get any D boards though... :)