Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dragons Sign 2, While Big Luke Is A 36er Finally

Ninnis will be hoping Luke scores like this for the 36ers!

Surprise, surprise, Jason Smith has followed coach Brian Goorjian down the Hume Highway to join the South Dragons. Smith has never played for any other coach in the NBL.

The Dragons also announced the signing of Kiwi international Mika Vikona. Playing under Goorjian we will see what kind of talent Vikona really has. He has been a role player in his first three years with the New Zealand Breakers, mainly living of rebounding and energy plays.

He will get to work on his skills under Goorjian so his game will be given the opportunity to develop. I will be watching this guy's progress with some interest. Some players are just solid role players, while other players need time to develop. By the end of the season, the league will have a better feel about Mika Vikona's basketball abilities.

Scott Ninnis is starting to get his Adelaide 36ers squad together. Today they announced that the big redhead, Luke Schenscher, has agreed to terms with his home team.
Signing the 7' former NBA player screams to me that Ninnis must be looking at modifying the free flowing style that 6er fans are used to seeing under Phil Smythe.

Big Luke is not a run and gun guy, but he may be able to ignite fastbreaks with his defensive rebounding and then be a presence down low in the half court. (I'm thinking Shaq in Phoenix type play!)

Another signing that happened today was the Townsville Crocodiles resigning local product Michael Cedar.

Although his signature does not grab the headlines like the others, this is a good signing. Cedar has improved every year in his three year career and he is only 21. This kid will only keep getting better as his confidence continues to grow to match his God given talents.

A message to Mike though, he has to keep putting up with me for another few years though!

An article that may interest some of you is this one regarding sports marketing. The NBL get a mention as well as other professional sports in Australia.

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dj rod said...

why haven't the crocs signed any big names??????????????????????????

John Rillie said...


Cedar signed today.

djrod said...

I should have shut my mouth for 5 more minutes!!!