Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aussies In The NBA Draft

Australia's best keep sporting secret, David Andersen

The NBA Draft is fast approaching (June 26th) so for three Aussies the next month is going to be an important time in their quest to crack the "Big Time".

Nathan Jawai features heavily on all punters draft boards. ESPN'S Chad Ford has the Bamaga kid at 41 (Pacers), while NBA Draft Net has him at 39 to the Chicago Bulls. For what it is worth, Collegehoopsnet has him at 44 to the Golden State Warriors. Talk about consistant.

Now the mail on Nate is, there is not much. Because he has only played in Australia he is an unknown in many NBA circles. This can work for or against him.

When he works out for teams if he has a quality workout, this will be favourable. He will grab the attention needed to create a buzz and one team will be prepared to take a punt on him.

If his workouts go well he will play himself into the first round. If they are average at best, he will remain in the second round. Some team will take a gamble on him developing in the future.

Joe Ingles finds himself in the second round of the draft right now. Ford has him at 78, while DraftNet has the Spurs taking him at 47. Collegehoops ran out of ink before they got to him.

Joe is in a great position regarding his NBA career. Similar to what Brad Newley did, Ingles can go and get a feel for the whole draft process, then utilize the experience he gained this time round for next year.

I like the fact the Joe has a good feel for the game and does a lot of things well, but not great. This is where he needs to improve as a player and his stock will follow. Sure his perimter game needs work, but in the meantime he needs to continue developing his other good skills.

Whether he becomes a lockdown defender (Tayshawn Prince style) or a slasher who can finish at the rim or create for others he has to find his niche.

He will benefit from this year's trip over the Pacific but I look for Ingles to get drafted a year from now.

Last but not least Aleks Maric who has spent four years at Nebraska playing in the tough Big Twelve. Maric will get a look because he put together a good senoir season.

He is a second round pick at best. It will depend on a team falling in love with him and want a bruiser on their squad. Otherwise, big Euro dollars are waiting for him.

The next month is going to play a huge role in the direction these guys' basketball career take.

I wish them all the best in their endeavours.

In NBL news, the New Zealand Breakers may face a massive fine for signing players that were still with other clubs. My question is, who did know the status of the Bullets and Kings players/coaches this off season? If fines are handed out, should other teams get a little nervous about their recruiting this offseason?

The Adelaide 36ers offically announce the signing of Ryan Kirsten. With Coach Scott Ninnis signing another local product, former crowd favourite Jason "Blood Balls" Williams has switched his phone on so he will not miss his recall.

Mr Europe, David Andersen talks about his NBA dream. For any fan of hoops, you need to check out this article in Sports Illustrated on Andersen and his Russian team, CSKA Moscow.

David Andersen Interview

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