Monday, April 21, 2008

Pre Season Has Started and MacKinnon A Tiger

I'm hoping I beat Tom Greer's 53, so he has to get more shooting tips from the great Andrew Gaze.

Today was offically the start of my preseason training for the start of the upcoming NBL season.

Sure the season does not tip off until the middle of September but there is only so much sitting around I can handle. I had a brillant family holiday where all we did was hit the beach for three weeks at Mooloolaba. My fitness reseme was a steady diet of beach cricket with my boys and then tearing up the waves with our Boogie boards.

I had the odd jog along the beah to check out the "white pointer" situation, but running is just not my thing.

So today it was back to the Crocs club to get the rock (ball) back in my hands. There is nothing like walking into an empty gym and letting your mind wonder as you hoist shots from all over the court. It is only April, but I'm already playing out what could be a game winner against the defending champs, the Melbourne Tigers.

When I talk about getting back into the gym, I'm not spending hour on hour in there. I go in with a purpose each day to get something acheived. Whether it is working on that dagger three in transition or post up game, I go with a end result in mind.

Kids ask me all the time, "how did you become a good shooter." First you have to put in hours and hours of practice, but the practice must be at a pace that is worthwhile. You can spend three hours getting nothing done or workout at game speed for an hour and make yourself better.

The tempo that you workout at is the key.

Tomorrow, my goal is to see how many threes I can make in 5mins. Just me, the ball and the hoop.

I will do this drill 5 times as I feel it is a good cardio drill to start getting myself back into basketball shape. Shooting while you are tried is key to making those shots late in the game.

I will keep you posted on how I did. Melbourne Tigers player Tom Greer made 53 with a rebounder today, so I will see how I stack up against the youngster.

Talking of the Tigers, when I head back to the gym tomorrow I can imagine that the player I'm hitting the shot over is Sam MacKinnon. Yes folks, Slammin Sam is heading back home to Melbourne and will be suiting up for the Tigers.

Owner Shamus McPeake must be trying to go toe to toe with Brian Goorjian to see who can stuff their cupboard full of more talent.

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djrod said...

If I remember correctly, the record for the 5 min drill was held by Simon Kerle in the early 00's... i think it was 61 or 62 with a rebounder. Maybe it has been broken since then.

John Rillie said...

Trust me, it has been smashed!

djrod said...

u legend - what is the mark now?