Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kiwi Journo Fires Up

Is Tony Rampton going on holidays to find his lost offense? Rob Beveridge hopes so!

I was looking for something to blog about today and I just happened to have clicked on this article that comes from New Zealand about their NBL.

John Dybvig is the guy responsible for this article, and after a little research I see he is not just a guy sitting in the cheap seats taking shots at everyone involved. This guy has played the game and coached a little as well.

I'll give him a little street cred and agree with some of the comments he makes.

Dybvig throws his hands in the air as to how NZNBL teams are allowing high profile players to take holidays during the season. I agree, how can a team that would have promised fans and sponsors they are doing everything to win allow players to cruise the world.

I as a player in this situation could never think about asking a team for a few weeks off. But, that is just me. Plus, it is three weeks I miss out on "busting someone's ass" then telling them about it.

In a situation like this though, quite often the finger is pointed at the player. It would never get to this situation if the administration would say NO to the player. A player will only take what they are promised, contracts included.

It seems that most of the players mentioned are involved in the Australian NBL and must want a break before they embark on another year in the ANBL. If the administration put their foot down and said NO, the player would then have to weigh up their options. Does my body need rest or does my bank account need a helping hand?

I will let Dybvig have the last word as he sums up what the end result will become if something is not resolved with this player holiday situation.

"If the coaches and the players don't give a dawn about the league, why should the public?" he says.

The playoffs began today with four games on tap. Here are the boxscores and recaps.

The Phoenix/San Antonio game was a ripper. Double OT.

Here is some of the game for your pleasure!

In NBL news:

The Singapore Slingers say they are on the verge of signing a Aussie interior players. Slinger fans are hoping Bob Turner is not going to relive his glory days and ask Neil Turner or Willie Simmons to come out of retirement.

It is slim pickings for NBL news, but several clubs must be on the verge of some news as many (my own Crocs, Bullets and Slingers) said last week that they would be making some announcements later in the week. We are in a new week now and nothing. Maybe the weekend was needed for the ink to dry on those contracts.

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