Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Galen Still In The Picture....Maybe and Joey Still A Bullet

He made a Rookie mistake, but I want him back in Croc green.

I was very happy to read that there is still a chance Galen Young may still be a teammate of mine in Townsville.

Young is one of those team guys that stats do not tell the whole story about the impact he can have on a game. He should have polled better in the Defensive Player of the Year Award. He is a lockdown defender. You name them, he contained them this year and there are some serious scorers at the 4 position.

There is no doubting that Young broke the law and his punishment has been decided. Lets move on. It seems athletes have to play by a different set of rules sometimes.

If Young is retained, he will be better in the upcoming season than last year. Why? He knows what to expect in the league and us as teammates will have a better understanding of his game.

I may be way off in this thinking (Young returning), but I feel we will be a better team with him on the roster. Time will tell.

The Brisbane Bullets have found their new owner, David Kemp. He has wasted no time in appointing former Bullets do everything guy, Brian Kerle, as their new CEO.

If my mail is any good, Joey Wright will be re announced as coach tomorrow. If Wright is the coach, I believe a lot of the players will stay and all will not be lost in Brisbane. It is more the coach than anyone else that really dictates where a player wishes to play.

Players start their negotiations tomorrow.

Kings coach Bill Tomlinson has declared his team will remain a threat despite losing coach Brian Goorjian and players Jason Smith and Mark Worthington.

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