Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Around The ABA, Luke Cooper and Pat Riley Gone

You may want to remember the name - Luke Cooper

Check out all the boxscores from around Australia's various ABA leagues.

Queensland: Cameron Tragardh lived up to the school yard bully tag...35 & 15

Big V: Daryl Corletto misses out on a triple double by having only 5 points.

Waratah: The Blake boys on one team. I sense a fight sometime soon and it may be between each other over shot selection.

Western Australia: Nathan Friend playing some good ball for both East Perth and Gold Coast Titans.

South Australia: Can somebody let me know if Darren Breeding still rocks the short shorts.

SEABL: Looks like my former teammate Andrew Rice (38/18) needs some help on the Border!

In NBL news, the Wollongong Hawks retire Gordie McLeod and Chuck Harmison's jersey. I have found a match made in heaven.
Around the NBA:
Orlando's Hedo Turkoglu has been named Most Improved Player. Larry Brown will be the Charlotte Bobcats new coach. Pat Riley steps down as Miami's coach. Byron Scott to be named Coach of the Year.

In USA college basketball, Australian Luke Cooper has been named Athlete of the Year at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Quite an achievement but just one of many awards he has won this year. Here is his bio. I will be interested to see if he signs with anyone soon!
The only Luke Cooper highlight!


djrod said...

Is there a hint in the writing in red about Luke Cooper ???

John Rillie said...


No hinting. Did you here about that guy at the Cowboys the other night? What was he thinking about playing "big girls don't cry"?

DJ Rod said...

no never heard that song - sounds funny though :)

Can't believe the crap it caused.

I thought Cooper might have been the YAP that we were signing - Toays Bully says otherwise