Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA Playoff Seedings Set

The NBA's 82 game regular season is done. The playoffs begin Sunday (our time)so here is the first round matchups and who I feel will win their respective series.

Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics (1) vs Atlanta Hawks (8)
The Hawks have done well to get back into the playoffs, but the Celtics are on a mission. Celtics sweep this series. 4-0

Detroit Pistons (2) vs Philadelphia 76ers (7)
Like the Hawks the 76ers will be happy to be back in the playoffs. The Pistons are thinking championship. Detroit will have the brooms (sweep) out for the Sixers.

Orlando Magic (3) vs Toronto Raptors (6)
The Magic frontcourt will become too much to contain over a series. Raptors will provide some resistance if TJ Ford and Jose Calderon give them something. Magic in 6 games.

Cleveland Cavaliers (4) vs Washington Wizards (5)
The Cavs have the leagues best scorer in LeBron James, but the Wizards have three legit scorers (Arenas, Jameson and Butler). The Wizards have too many points in them. This will go 7 games.

Western Conference

Los Angles Lakers (1) vs Denver Nuggets (8)
The Lakers have been consistent all season. This alone will be too much for the erratic Nuggets. They will also be distracted by the attention Carmelo Anthony has attracted by doing his best Galen Young impersonation. Lakers in 5.

New Orleans Hornets (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (7)
The Mavs will have learnt from last years early exit. The Hornets are the unlucky team that has to feel the Mavs pain. Although it is a 2 and 7 seed showdown, it cannot be considered a upset. Mavs in 6.

San Antonio Spurs (3) vs Phoenix Suns (6)
Is this the year Phoenix gets past the champs? Suns GM Steve Kerr will be hoping so. His trade for Shaq was all about the matchup with the Spurs. They get it first round, but the Spurs slowly, slowly approach gets it done. Spurs in 7. (Will Robert "Big Shot Bob" Horry hip check Steve Nash again?)

Utah Jazz (4) vs Houston Rockets (5)
I really want to see Tracy MacGrady get out of the 1st round. Without Yao by his side, I cannot see this happening. Jazz in 5.

I touched on this game the other day. West Sydney Razorback coach Rob Beveridge was selected to coach the World Team who took on the Americans. If you are interested in checking out the players of tomorrow, here is where you can watch the whole game.

Adelaide's basketball writer Boti Nagy with his weekly wrap of what is happening. Joey Wright will coach the Bullets, now he needs some players. Often injuried American born Nick Horvath becomes a Kiwi. Former NBL player Grant Kruger is still setting screens. Another former NBL player, Blair Smith, is a player/coach these days. Gold Coast Blaze are happy that Bullets have survived, now they need to beat them. "World Champion" NBL player Ben Melmeth in rally car race.

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glockers said...

I am no Philly fan, but that team has ticker John and I can't see them getting sweeped by Detroit. I reckon it will go at least 5, maybe even 6.

Secondly the Spurs won't get past the Suns this year. As long as the Suns don't let Ginobili beat them. Duncan is finally old.

Lastly you should play QABL and help Bundy out. :P

John Rillie said...

Play for Bundy. Maybe a recall for one of your locals in Lyndon Brieffies or Steve McLeod.

The Substitute said...

For me personally, I would love to see the best individual rivalry (kobe v shaq) in the west and the best team rivalry (celtics v pistons) in the east.

That said, trying to pick how the west is going to play out this year is an impossible task.

Also, it will be interesting to see if all the predictions of a Celtics post season fade out due to lack of depth will eventuate.