Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not Too Much Happening

Did Anstey prefer this to watching the 2004 Olympics?

Well I have to say today is a boring day when comparing it to other sportspeople and what they get up to in their spare time. No alcohol induced fighting with my teammates and no photos worth showing from Facebook. I really need to spice up my life.

The highlight of my day was to read how Chris Anstey feels the Boomers have a chance of a medal in Beijing.

He gave his report on the 2004 Olympic effort. "I went away on holidays and sat on the boat and didn't even have a look at it because it was too hard to watch," Anstey said.

This confused me a little. What does this quote actually mean?

Was it the fact he was on a boat that made it hard to watch due to reception difficulties? Come on, just make an map of Australia antenna and you are in business Chris. You would have had a crystal clear picture of me sitting on the bench.

Or was he referring to our below par performance. "If it was too hard to watch", he must of snuck a peak somewhere to know that it was hard on the eye. Maybe he caught a glimpse when he was putting the finishing touches (umbrella) on that next fruity cocktail.

Meanwhile there are no cocktails getting around the Brisbane Bullets yet. There seems to be interest in the foundation club, but no one is prepared to pull the trigger yet.

This is going to become an interesting situation for players in the near future. Do you hang around and hope for the best, or do you jump ship and secure your future somewhere else? Interesting times ahead.

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