Monday, April 28, 2008

"Homicide" In The Ville, MacKinnon And Smith To Stay Home

Good to see I will be able to resume my trash talking battles with Corey "Homicide" Williams at practice.

Corey "Homicide" Williams has re-signed with the Townsville Crocodiles for another two years. Williams burst onto the NBL scene a third of the way through last season.

Williams replaced the injured Rosell Ellis. They are now the import pairing for the Crocs after Galen Young was not retained after his DUI incident.

Both Sam MacKinnon and Jason Smith will be staying home and watching the Olympics with me. Dual Olympian (Atlanta, Sydney) MacKinnon will not be traveling to Beijing due to an illness that will sideline him for sometime. While injuries have caught up with Smith who is also a two time Olympian (Sydney, Athens).

If I'm David Barlow and Mark Worthington I go out and sent MacKinnon and Smith thank you cards. Due to the veterans having to pull out, the youngsters become locks for the team.

My locks: CJ Bruton(provided he is done chasing that "lucrative" Euro deal), Brad Newley, Glen Saville, Matt Nielsen, Andrew Bogut, David Andersen, Mark Worthington, David Barlow, Chris Anstey, Patrick Mills, Luke Kendall.....I guess that leaves one spot left for a big. Lets raffle it off to a youngster, just so he can gain experience.

I felt Barlow and Worthington were going to be bubble guys. They play positions where the talent is thick. Both would have had to beat out the likes of MacKinnon, Glen Saville, Brad Newley (currently playing in Greece) and Smith. Thanks to injury these pair will be making their Olympic debuts.

To rub salt into the wound, Coach Brian Goorjian is saying the Boomers have drawn a tough schedule. Folks, when you get to the Olympics, there are no easy ones. This is Goorjian at his spin doctoring best already. The Games are still months away and he is talking how it is going to be a battle to crack the top four in their bracket.

In NBL news, Brisbane finally have some good news and players. They signed the Jeweler, Mike Hill, Anthony Petrie from the West Sydney Razorbacks and college returnee Stephen Weigh. Sure these guys do not have people talking championship, but Brian Kerle can finally say he is building a roster.

The Cairns Taipans are not sure what to do on the recruiting front.

In NBA news, Larry Brown will be named the coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. Brown last coached the New York Knicks before Isiah Thomas took over.

I'm sure Brown did not want the Knicks job to be his lasting memory of coaching.

Brown will take over from Sam Vincent who lasted only one year on the job with the Bobcats.

Look for Brown to bring discipline and toughness to this young group and spark some interest in the Carolina area for this four year old club. Remember, Brown has great basketball ties in this geographical area.

Denver Mascot....Never Learns

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