Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spirit Debate Continues & Other Stuff

This is what the Great Debate is over!

Who Has The Spirit

The debate over which team or teams will be able to use Spirit as their nickname continued today in Sydney.

The Bendigo Spirit who play in the Women's National Basketball League have always operated with this nickname.

Bendigo is fighting for their name as the (kind of) new franchise in the Men's National Basketball League, Sydney Spirit, is trying to swoop in on the nickname.

I like the passion that the people of Bendigo are approaching this matter with. I hope they get what they are fighting for.

Bendigo's GM Wendy James had this to say.

"We were given a good hearing and we stood up for our name and the reasons why we want it exclusively", she told the Bendigo Advertiser.

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Anyone for Steak

"Jason was met at the airport by team owner Bob Turner and driven to his quarters before they proceeded to a downtown restaurant for a steak dinner. Danny said Jason was very impressed with his quarters and might ask a cousin based in Singapore to stay with him in his flat." - INQUIRER.Net

Good to see that all is going well for new Singapore Slinger Jason Castro. If all it takes to impress him is a steak dinner, look for more NBL clubs to recruit players from the Philippines.


"Probably not the NBL, though: people there couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery without losing their shirts. And pants. And then blaming it on a biased media and a dodgy bloke from Perth with miracle tablets." - Sydney Morning Herald

This is a great article by the SMH's Bernard Zuel. I'm sure when many front office big wigs read this article, they had their lackey put out a press release about something they had just done.


With the first round of games nearly complete at the FIBA Athens 2008 tournament, finally we are a step closer to finding out which three countries will get the remaining three Olympics spots.

The Kiwis lost to Germany today for the fifth consecutive time, while Greece continues to dominate in front of their home fans.

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Vegas in Summer

Check out the latest and greatest scores from the Vegas Summer League.

South Dragons new import signing Ebi Ere has been putting up some solid numbers over the past two games for the Memphis Grizzles.

If he keeps playing well, he may have to take a pay cut to play in the NBA next season.

A Pocket Full of Posey

"You knew this was coming -- the inevitable overreaction to a role player on a championship team in free agency. Every year there's one guy whom teams can't stop fawning over, and this year it was James Posey. Sure, he was an integral part of championship teams for both Miami and Boston, but as with a lot of players who win rings it can be hard for us to look at him rationally." - ESPN's John Hollinger.

A good article explaining how timing is everything for a solid role player in the NBA. I'm a James Posey fan, but the New Orleans Hornets have just shelled out $25 million for the best role player in the recent NBA Finals series. Is he worth it? You decide.

Yao Rusty

"Entering to huge applause from the crowd in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Yao appeared rusty in scoring six points over seven minutes in the first half. Four of those came from free throws, helping China race to a 51-39 lead after the second quarter." - Associated Press

China's great basketballing Olympic hope Yao Ming returned to action today against Serbia.

Although it was reported he looked rusty, the confidence he brings out in the other players will see China become a much tougher opponent with him in the line up.

During my recent trip to China I was told that the other Chinese players on the squad respond positively to the presences of the big Houston Rocket centre.

Youngsters to Scrimmage Team USA

"We're looking for this select group to really compete and help prepare our senior team for Beijing," USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo said in a statement. "I'll also repeat something I said last year. Some of these players have represented USA Basketball in the past and there are others who will. This is an opportunity for them to get into the USA Basketball pipeline." - Associated Press.

To check out the full squad click here.

Marbury Gone?

The future of Stephon Marbury with his hometown New York Knicks looks bleak. The Knicks signed Anthony Roberson to a two year deal. This signing seems like it could be the death of Marbury in New York.

A Little Ol Skool NBL - 1982 All Star Game


Matt said...

That NBL All star game is aclassic. Not only was Leroy at his best, but seeing guys like Morrow and Lewis doing their stuff brought back some real memories. Good Stuff!

Snoop Wogg said...

Loved every bit of that. Especially Gordie's D at the end. Seems you were taught by the master JR! Nice find. Wonder if Tim Lane would still say the same about "Pops" Forrester now...

Anonymous said...

Loved every minute of the All Star Game, but was very dissapointed not to see LB setting some of those massive screens we always hear about in his 8 career minutes with the Bullets.