Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Have Touched Down In China

For some reason the fluro lighting on top of a roadside toilet stop caught my attention.

After a ten hour flight from Sydney to Shanghai and then jumping onto a bus for a few more we have made it to Wuxi.

For those who are not in the loop "WE" are a put together team from the NBL that are playing the Chinese National Team in a two game series.

The team is: Darren Ng, Oscar Forman, Peter Crawford, Alex Loughton, Rhys Carter, Matt Burston, Greg Vanderjagt, Cameron Tragardh, Matt Knight and Cam Tovey.

The Head Coach is Andrew Gaze and I'm here to assist where necessary.

Tomorrow will be the first time the team will have a practice session together. I can't wait to see Gaze put them through the "Auburn" shuffle offense. It should be quite interesting to see him teach something that he has known all his life, while some of the players would have never played this style of offense.

Right now the buzz or the question being asked is, will Yao Ming play?

He is getting over an injury he sustained during the NBA season but it is tipped that he may play minimal minutes in these two games.

That will be quite an experience for those guys that will match up on him.

I will keep you posted on what happens from day to day on tour. Hopefully some photos will be included.

Now onto the NBL. The sword was dropped on Brisbane Bullets today but the Sydney Kings still are living in hope.

I feel I have expressed my view on this topic enough over recent times, but I had to feel for Greg Vanderjagt today when we touched down in China.

The Big Fella found out via a text message that the Bullets are done. To make matters worse his luggage was lost in transit. China is not the place for a seven footer to try and find some clothes at eleven at night.

I can only hope Vanderjagt has a good tour so it helps his cause in finding a new team somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

John Rillie.....been in Townsville to long hanging out with your boy Mark Fergusson...he's obviously taught you some meant tricks in the art of free loading on overseas tours. Heidi told us to tell you to come back with some money in your pocket, don't lose it all on poker and at the KTV.

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Jimmy Wong I happened to be watching the touring Australian team practice today. Being a regular visitor to the appalling blog I aware that JRonFire would be on this tour. All I noticed was an odd looking man in green shorts who patrolled the baseline like a lost little boy. If this aging gentleman is part of the brains trust for this team they will be sorely lacking in defensive prowess.

Seems like a good bloke though.

I will be attending all trainings for both participating countries so I will keep readers informed on the progress of the teams.

JRonFire where are you?

John Rillie said...


While you are watching me at practice, I'll be watching Tragargamel and Fush to see how their performance is at practice.