Wednesday, July 2, 2008

China and Weekly ABA Wrap

Some things are just universal.

The Aussie Assassins (my name for the team) had their first practice run today and the session went pretty well considering this is the first time these guys have been together.

The Andrew Gaze coached team went through a series of shooting drills that revolved around the shuffle offense the team will run. The guys caught on pretty quick to where they can find their shots in the offense.

When we moved onto some scrimmaging it was pleasing to see that the guys were in good shape. Most are playing in some State League competition around the country though.

Perth Wildcats Alex Loughton impressed me today with his ability to step out and knock down the three while having a good handle when penetrating too.

Oscar Forman was in an aggressive mode. I hope this mind set continues through the games as his shooting ability will be key for us to be around the mark against the Chinese team.

After practice was done a few of the guys continued to work on their game. This is always great to see.

I can only hope Cameron Tragardh and Loughton are better competition for myself and Greg Vanderjagt when we continue our shooting game battles tomorrow.
The Boys relaxing after a tough season.

For those who have never experienced China, DVD's are always on the shopping list. It is nothing for some players to purchase several hundred during a trip. Lets just say the "price is right" on these items.

Well the purchasing has already started. After practice the touring party could not devour dinner quick enough to get to the markets to get the latest movies.

If we score points like we purchase movies, the Chinese team has no chance.

ABA Wrap..(click on the State title below to get the latest boxscores)

Queensland: Cam Tragardh has been talking up his near triple double performance on the weekend. Lets see how he goes against the Chinese front line.

Waratah: Butch Hays and his Maitland Mustangs won the battle of the Hunter. Gave Newcastle an absolute touch up.

Big V: Ivan Platenik contributes 51 in Waverley's total of 153.

Western Australia: Geraldton's import Michael Lay goes for another triple double. Only blemish was the eight turnovers.

South Australia: 36ers Eric Burdon has a double double (33pts, 10rebs) as his north Adelaide Rockets cruised to a victory.

SEABL: AIS player Brock Motum is generating a lot of interest from colleges in the USA. If he continues to play like last weekend he will be fielding a lot of calls.

NBL News
Ben Pepper has been released by the Townsville Crocs. Being in the right place at the right time the Crocs have snapped up former Boomer and Sydney King centre Russell Hinder.

The NBL has come out and said that there are two bidders for the vacant Sydney Kings license. Here is an idea. Both parties work together to make the franchise stronger so we can get ready for the season!

A feature article on Pat Mills via the USA.

Cairns Post on Nathan Jawai. Good read as it is about his life in Bamaga.

Aleks Maric to play NBA Summer League with Pacers.


Anonymous said...

Attended practice number 2 for the aussies today, though I tried to stay out of sight because I heard this Rillie character was on the look out for me. The aussies looked a lot crisper in their offence this morning and I think they should put on a good show by friday night. I think Rillie wanted the world to know that he played for the "Townsville Crocodiles" as he was dressed in a full "crocs" getup. Obviously very proud of his team which is admirable. He once again patrolled the baseline but 2day looked itching to get out there. After waiting for all players to run out of energy he challenged all players to one on one, needless to say his challenge fell on deaf tired ears. Then he thought he would display his athletic skills or lack there of with a couple of attempted dunks. After watching the first one that was enough for me and I left the stadium. will fill you in more tomorrow.

Love Jimmy

P.S With a grill that resembles Mr. Ed JRonFire should really not associate himself with the Playboy brand. Although his age does seem not to disimilar from that of one Hugh Hefner.

John Rillie said...


I will be interested to see what you have to say when the games roll around.

It is great that you are giving the readers another angle of the trip.

I can't wait to meet you during the tour.

Please introduce yourself when you have a spare minute.