Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crikey It's A Croc

Tiny Hinder and his family created a standing room only atmosphere at the airport when he arrived in town.

The off season for the Crocodiles is nearly at an end so I thought now would be a good time to fill you in on how everyone has been going since last season.

Some of the current players have had a pretty busy off season actually.

Kelvin Robertson finally married his long time girlfriend Leigh (Myers) Robertson. Along with this achievement Kelvin has been spending some time working as a pharmacist. I’m wondering if it is really just to pay off the month long honeymoon.

Our other local product Michael Cedar has been improving his game with the Townsville Heat. Cedar is relishing under new coach Rob Rose and with the added responsibility of the captaincy, Mike is certainly developing as a player.

Daniel Egan spent his time here in the north supporting his partner Kirby Dalgleish as she has helped the Townsville Flames maintain their impressive unbeaten streak. Egan was also found on the golf course often or behind his bbq. I hear that he needs a few more off seasons of work in both areas before he can claim to be up to par.

The quiet guy of the group, Brad Sheridan, has had his head buried in a textbook. He has been looking to secure life after basketball by studying to become a certified accountant. His former team the Sydney Kings would have wished he was qualified during his playing days there.

Rosell Ellis has been back in his native Seattle, Washington rehabilitating his ruptured pectoral muscle. A recent You Tube posting I ran across indicates Ellis has recovered nicely.

Then there’s Corey “Homicide” Williams, who has been promoting the release of his own shoe. The “187” can be found in both good (and bad) sports stores here in Australia. Sorry kids, a Mohawk is not included.

New signing Russell Hinder arrived in town earlier this week. Apparently there was standing room only at the airport upon Hinder’s arrival. Hinder who has been playing for the now defunct Sydney Kings did not know how to handle himself with a crowd of onlookers. Something new to any Sydney Kings player.

Rusty, get used to it, people actually come and watch us play here in Townsville.

Youngster Steven Broom looks like he has just walked in off the set of 90210 (Kids if you don’t know this bad 90’s show, Google it.). Sporting two cubic zirconium earrings I can see him playing the role of Luke Perry in the much talked about movie remake of the series. Oh by the way, basketball wise I can see him and me hooking up for some alley-oops.

Since you all hear enough about what I do in the off season, I will close with Brad Williamson, who rounds out this year’s roster. Although he could be confused with my former team mate Drew Williamson at a quick glance, I can assure you they are not the same guy. Brad comes to “the Ville” via Brisbane where he was a member of the now defunct Bullets.

Williamson possesses the ability to knock down the three ball in bunches. He proved this last year by knocking down a record seven three pointers in a quarter. That would be fun to see.

The off season fun is about to end but all the players are looking forward to the new season as I believe we are very comfortable with the group of players we have been assembled.

You can find my article in Saturday's Townsville Bulletin.


BaNjo sMytH said...

It seems like the NBL is at a pretty important time in its history. I hope it continues and takes Bball back to where it was in the late 80's early 90's when every little kid had the number 23 on their back!


banjo Smyth

John Rillie said...


Thanks for dropping by. We all can only hope it returns to those days.