Friday, July 25, 2008

Prospects From The NBL Camp

Early on this week the NBL thanks to Ian Stacker conducted a camp for possible and future NBL players. The concept has been deemed a success and should only get better as it hopefully becomes a regular on the basketball calender.

Here is a report on who went well:

Top 10 Best of the Best at The NBL Prospects Camp.

1. Matt Sutton (Guard) - Forestville Eagles - Central ABL (194, 90) Averaging 12 points, 6 assists and 5 reb

Finds himself dumped from the 36ers after the introduction of the YAP (Young Australian Player). Can see he has had the experience at the next level. Steady all week and kept the large contingent of hopeful guards at bay. Is smart in crunch time and will get to the rack to draw contact. Physically ready to step in should a roster spot become available mid season. Can improve perimeter game, but was the best of the guards defensively.

2. Maalo Hicks (Power Forward)- Darebin Giants - Big V Division 2 (200cm, 95kg) Averaging 19 ppg and 17 rpg

A real diamond in the rough. A solid body who competes hard for the ball on the glass. Can elevate quickly in the paint and in transition. Needs to improve his touch from outside the paint. Must get serious about his basketball and move into a better team or league to accelerate his learning.

3. PJ Isaacson (Shooting Guard) - Apollon - Greece A2

I have kept a close eye on this guys career. He contacted me years ago to chat about my college experience in the USA.

A flat out scoring guard. Loves the dribble pull up jump shot and will knock down the open three. Works hard at both ends of the floor and is basketball savvy. Interesting body shape but still can compete with the athletic player because of his hustle. Strong in the legs and lower body. Can only applaud his attitude and modeling his game on me.

4. Nathan Crombie (Centre) - Brisbane Capitals – QABL (212cm, 98kg) – averaging 10.5 ppg

Best of the big men in terms of long term potential in the YAP role. Long, but way too lean to make an instant impact in the NBL and must get into gym to improve his strength. Back to basket soft touches, but perimeter game needs attention. Worth the investment possibly in 12 months should he continue his rate of improvement.

5. Ricky Henderson (Shooting Guard) – Ballarat, SEABL (183cm, 90kg) – Averaging 15 ppg and 7 Rpg

Had an outstanding three days. Will shoot the three ball and likes to get to the middle to draw contact. Physically not ready to make the NBL level, but work rate indicates that he has the motivation to make the grade. Must continue to work on perimeter game and fundamental footwork to make the next step.

6. Cameron McCallum (Forward) – Diamond Valley- Big V Youth League (200 cm, 96 kg)- Averaging 12 ppg and 12 rpg

Has a knack of finding himself in the right place at the right time. Was one of the leading scorers in the team’s 5 on 5 competitions and would have gone close to leading all rebounders. Does all the little things quietly. Unassuming and hard working. Once again, committing to the physical development will make the difference.

7. Tiri Masunda (Point Guard) – Hobart Charges, SEABL (184cm, 80kg)– Averaging 3.3 ppg and 1.6 rpg

Took the more experienced Victorian guards on every-time and won. Just still too light for a PG position at NBL level immediately, but does have the foot speed and tools to guard the best players his age. Not brilliant from the perimeter, but as a PG can get to the basket and make positive decisions with the ball.

8. Harry Harvey (Point Guard) – Forrestville – Central, SA – (180cm, 75kg) – Averaging 4 ppg and 1 rpg

At 19, this whippet has some real basketball IQ and one of the quickest first steps at the camp. Has a good perimeter stroke, sharp handles and a competitive streak unmatched only by PJ Issacson. Greatest concern for his development will be his physical size long term.

9. Anthony Olah (Forward) - Gold Coast – QABL (195cm, 90kg) averaging 7 ppg and 4 Reb in QABL

Had a consistent camp. Knows how to compete. Showed some nice tools getting to the basket. Has played most of his juniors as a big man, but at just 18 years of age has plenty of time on his side to develop his outside game further. Physical development a priority if he wishes to develop further into a sound NBL player.

10. BJ Radcliffe (Shooting Guard) – Hobart Charges, Tasmania – SEABL (190cm, 82kg) averaging 4.5 ppg and 1.5 rpg

Grew in self confidence as the week progressed. His perimeter game shows potential and he knows how to score off the one dribble pull up. Must become a better defender to advance to the next level and improve strength levels.

Notable mentions:

Nemanja Kovacina (Forward) - Parramatta Wildcats - Waratah

A real smokey for the camp. Has excellent physical size for a 3/4 in the NBL, but must work on becoming a better perimeter player to make the step. Always played in the 4 or 5 as a junior so his tools are mostly around the bucket. Is slightly right hand dominated, but handles the ball well.

Greg Hire (Forward) – Wanneroo – WASL – Averaging 17 ppg and 9 rpg

A strong frame and willing to throw himself around the key. Will need to work on his finishing and footwork around the key area. But the physical tools are there should he lift his work rate and continue to advance his perimeter game.

Zane Reeves (Forward) – Central Lions – Central ABL (195cm, 89kg) – Averaging 12 ppg and 5 rpg

A crafty small forward who has a nice penetration game. Must continue to work on his perimeter shot to be able to add another dimension to his game. Competes well on the glass.

So there you have it. Time will tell if any of these guys go back and keep working on their games to get to the next level.

Good luck boys and good luck to Ian Stacker and the NBL with this camp.

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