Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Absolute Madness

JR trying to get at young Chinese punta into the "That's Gold" spirit.
Finally the fate of the Sydney Kings and the Brisbane Bullets has been decided.

Although disappointing both teams are exiting the 2008/09 NBL season, the rest of us can now get on with making the upcoming season a success. (Hopefully both these franchises can find a solid ownership group and we will see them both back next season.)

My understanding is the season's length will remain at 30 games, 15 home and 15 away. This will actually make the competition somewhat even as you will play each team three times. Unlike last year, we played some teams twice and others three times.

The next question now becomes, what happens to the playoff format?

I would suggest go back to the six team playoff scenario and make the first two rounds the best of three and keep the Grand Final at a best of five.

It would work like this; seeds 1 and 6 would play, 2 and 5 likewise, and 3 and 4 battle it out in the first round.

All winners advance to the semi-final round while the highest losing seed gets a second chance. A reward for having a good regular season.

Providing the higher seeds win through, the semis would be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.

Winners of these series advance to the Grand Final.

I just feel there is no way the NBL can remain with an eight team playoff system. With eleven teams in the competition you cannot reward a team who had a below average season with a playoff birth.

It will interesting to see what direction the NBL front office go for this upcoming season.

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The Rookie - Episode 4


DJ Leon Smith said...

Impeach Stern.

DJ Rod said...

i'm with ya leon - a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy here, checking again for the daily dime, giving the people what they really want. Not all this other non-coherent ranting from some old, skinny low eye.

As I was bombing away some half-courters before the Australian team started their training today all I could hear was the whining voice of one of the Australian touring party. I thought to myself who could that I looked around it was the token assistant coach here for a free ride obviously whinging about the heat and the lack of water. I feel sorry for his coach and team mates trying to get a call from referees if he behaves like this on the court as well.

Onto practice. The team looked sharp again today and seem to be building some nice combinations to take it at the Chinese tomorrow night. Only time will tell though and also the presence of one Ming Yao.

As training concluded I took note of the dunking antics of some of the players and one gravity bound technical assistant. His efforts were not of the highest calibre as he repeatedly slammed the ball into the back of the ring thinking he was close to getting one down. After a few efforts went astray the wily veteran realised the only thing he would be dunking today would be his biscuit into his skinny latte over lunch with a fantastic Pat Cash lookalike.

Until tomorrow....Jimmy with love.

John Rillie said...

RIP Seattle. Very disappointed to see this as I spent many a day watching the sonics when I lived in Tacoma.

It will not seem the same.

John Rillie said...


Good to hear from you again.

I have to disagree with you today. I gave quite a variety of dunks in my display of aerial high flying.