Thursday, July 10, 2008

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My trip home felt like I was on the slow boat to China. This is an actual picture of a man made canal in Wixu.

Finally I'm back home and after a few good feeds I'm ready to go again. China was fun but it is always good to get home and sleep in your own bed. Later today I will give up my thoughts on the recent Boomers Tour of Europe (currently playing Brazil in their last game on tour.) and who will be the one left out of the Olympic team.

In the meantime here is what is current in news.

All the latest scores from the Orlando Summer League. (Maric, Bruce and Hodge)
Hawkins back on the Coast.
Ninnis gets his and the 36ers season under way.
Draper to play in Vegas Summer League.
Ebi a Grizz in Vegas.
Tassie coach to move west to assist Wildcats.
Jawai trade to Raptors official.
Boxscore from Australia vs Greece.


Leanyboy said...

Earlier today i watched the Jermaine O'neal press conference and noticed that afterwards in around the 32-33 minutes mark of the video that Bryan Colangelo has stated that they didn't like what they got back in the terms of the 41st pick. Can be found in the video named Presser On the following page. Can't understand that if Indiana made that pick for the Raptors

Leanyboy said...

Here is the actual video link.

Anonymous said...

Would appear i was wrong.

Bryan actually states "We even like what we got back in the form of the 41st pick which was Nathan Jawai."

My bad.

John Rillie said...


Thanks for the tip. I listened to it beforehand, but I'll still give you credit for the find. Thanks.

My mail had them not so high on Nate early, but the more they saw of him the better they liked him.

Hope he goes well for Aussie basketball's sake.

djrod said...

holy shit - i thought they said they didn't like him too!!!


you aren't the only idiot leany!