Monday, July 7, 2008

China Takes Game 2 Against NBL All Stars

Yi had a lazy double double.

A Yaoless Team China had a narrow victory over the Aussie All Stars last night in Ningbo in front of 7000 screaming fans.

The final score was 66-61 but the way the game began everyone was thinking we would be lucky to get to fifty points combined.

First the first six and a half minutes the game saw six points scored, and all were by the Aussies. After that the Chinese team went on a scoring spree for the remainder of the quarter. The quarter time score ended at ten apiece.

The first quarter was marred by turnovers and scrappy play from both teams.

The second quarter seemed like a scoring bonanza with both teams managing nineteen points each in the quarter leaving the half time score locked at 29-29.

The Aussies were the better team in the first half and should have capitalized on their good defense the really limited the Chinese perimeter game. If you have not seen the Chinese team play, they rely on the three ball more than me.

Too many turnovers was the story for the Aussies. Fourteen first half TO's was the downfall for the team. The way we were playing we should have held a ten point lead by half time. Not to be though.

The third was played like the second period. Ugly basketball by two teams that were disrupting each other very well. The Chinese won the quarter by one, 20-19.

The fourth quarter become a free throw shooting game for the Chinese. The All Stars racked up four team fouls within minutes of the quarter starting. The home team knocked them down at a good rate and the Aussie offense could run as efficient.

The All Stars really tested the Chinese team tonight and were unlucky not to steal a win.

There is no doubting that Yao Ming will make a difference when or if he returns to the team but I cannot see this team getting out of the first round at the Olympics.

Their backcourt is not quite at international standard right now and that means less touches for Yao.

Yi needs to be able to dominate for this team at times. He should have against the talent he was playing against in the Aussie All Stars, but it seemed he would have preferred to be elsewhere.

When Yao is absent, Yi needs to be the man for this team. I'm not sold that he is there yet.

Trends of the Game

The first quarter was the ugliest basketball I have maybe ever seen. My memory is not giving me anything better than what I saw tonight. The Aussies played some great defense during this period, hence the 10 point period for the Chinese.

New Jersey Nets fans may note that Yi Jianlian did not seem to want to play in the first half. There is no doubting his talent but his team would like to see him play with a little more urgency I would imagine. To his credit he the big plays for his team down the stretch, both on offense and defense.

His final stat line will read pretty good but he was the recipient of some very good "home cooking". He will not see this at the Olympics or in the NBA.

17pts (4-7 fgs, 9-13 fts), 14 rebs (4off) and 4 blks.

Singapore Slinger fans will be happy to know that Darren Ng was in an groove tonight. Ng lead the Aussies with 16pts (7-14 fgs, 2-3 3pa) and 2 steals.

The game had quite a disparity in the foul department. 31-11 was the foul count against the Aussies which allowed the Chinese to make a trip to the foul line 42 times. The All Stars shot 9.

Aussie Stats
Oscar Forman - 5 points, 4 rebounds and 4 TO's
Rhys Carter - 2 pts, 4 TO's
Peter Crawford - 11 pts, 3 rebs and 7 TO's
Cam Tragardh - 6 pts and 6 rebs
Greg Vanderjagt - 6 pts
Matt Knight - 4 boards
Matt Burston - 4 pts and 8 rebs
Cam Tovey - 1 reb
Alex Loughton - 11 pts, 4 rebs and 6 assts

One way to get around the streets of China.

Please excuse my lack of blogging for the next day or two as I will be travelling home.

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