Sunday, March 2, 2008

What A Fizzer



Last night's Game 3 decider between the Sydney Kings and the Perth Wildcats become a fizzer rapidly after tipoff. I feel there were a few interesting side notes to come out of this game, even before a minute of play.

First viewers had to tune into Fuel TV to catch the action live. (Did anyone else know that was the channel, until you looked up your viewing program?) I tried to see what the positives would be to come out of this channel choice. Number 1, it was live, that is always good. Number two, I was looking forward to the half time entertainment of Tony Hawk and possibly Bam Margera. After all that is Fuel TV and I just thought basketball may be trying to capitalize on another market. Smart thinking. Not to be. Instead I had to settle for Gaze and Carfino trying to jazz up the stats of a malnourished game.

Next, Steve Carfino comes on with his intro to the game and describes this match up as the "glitz and glamour", (The Kings I'm guessing.) vs the "blue collar " (Perth Wildcats). Now if the rumours are true about the Kings financial problems there is not too much glitz and glamour happening at the moment.

Maybe I have it wrong, but I think a team that is run by Andrew Vlahov is more blue collar than bright lights. Vlahov introduces himself via a "Full Nelson", not the traditional handshake.

Back to the game. The Kings just came out and took the game away from the Wildcats from the tip. Their usual in the lanes defense was working a treat. It limited the Wildcats ball movement, hence the Wildcats offense becoming a dribble contest for 23 seconds, followed by a turnover or hoisting a buzzer beater.

This defense led to layups or open transition baskets for the Kings. Goorjian could not have not dreamt this game plan any better than what his team executed it.

From a pure domination stand point, it was a treat to watch. Teams strive to dismantle a team the way the Kings did. My hat goes off to them.

Check out the boxscore here, but you may want some 3D glasses for this blurry mess.

The championship series should be a good one (Kings/Tigers), I will break it down for you in the upcoming days!

Anyone interested in fantasy NRL Footy can join a group that I have started, courtesy of the Townsville Bulletin. The group name is Puntas, while the password is puntas. I look forward to you joining and having some fun over the off season. Check out the prizes, it might be worth a crack!

Just take a look at what you are up against!


ryan711 said...

hey jr,Ur Zags got up in the rematch with Saints Mary's :(. good to see mills add 20.zags r now in first place in the wcc.

John Rillie said...


Don't worry about the Zags baby! MArch is around the corner. St Mary's are still in the shadow for now. Zags, WCC Champs again.